Canadian Citizenship status immigrants and their contributions to Canada

Canadian citizenship multi-ethnic group of people
The process of getting the Canadian citizenship can be long and daunting but it’s definitely worth it! The pride and freedom one feels as a result of achieving their Canadian citizenship status is absolutely incredible. Many people feel so inspired, and deeply moved that they end up doing amazin [...]

Canadian Citizenship: Canadian government proposes more language testing

Canadian citizenship passport
Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is proposing that current Canadian visa holders should be proficient in either French or English- the two official languages, to obtain Canadian citizenship. He stated that too many citizens don’t speak either language and that should neve [...]

Canadian citizenship crackdown

Canadian citizenship flag
In Canada, there is a physical presence condition for being granted Canadian citizenship, and for maintaining a permanent resident status. To obtain Canadian citizenship, a permanent resident must have been physically present in Canada for three years during a four years period preceding the citizen [...]

Canada citizenship test study: how to improve your concentration?

Canadian citizenship test
When studying for the Canada citizenship test, a lack of concentration might be one of the major reasons of missing what you are reading. You might read the words, study for hours, go through the material, but if you mind is wandering, not truly focused on what you are trying to learn, you will end [...]

Canadian citizenship test: how to minimize your stress level prior to it

Canadian citizenship test
Your Canadian citizenship test day is approaching. You have been studying hard the study guide “Discover Canada”, but you might be very stressed about this test. There are ways to prepare yourself for it, reduce your stress level, and thus perform much better during the test. First of all, yo [...]

Canadian citizenship Test: why do we need one?

Canadian citizenship test
A new Canadian citizenship test was rolled out in March 2010 by the Canadian government. This new test is much harder than the old one, and has a much higher failure rate. This new test is based on a new study guide that is much bigger than the old one, and covers much more in-depth information abou [...]

Celebrating Canadian Citizenship

Canadian citizenship hands waiving flags
- Canadian citizenship gives the right to vote The right to vote is an important right that we might take for granted here in Canada. Being a Canadian means you are able to choose who you think should represent you on a municipal, provincial and federal level. This is something everyone should [...]

Canada citizenship test: what is the new guide “Discover Canada” all about?

Canadian citizenship test
The new Canada citizenship test study guide “Discover Canada” has been issued by the Government of Canada since November 12, 2009. In essence, this new test guide was issued to tell a more complete story of Canada. Its primary focuses are Canada’s values, symbols, institutions, history [...]

Canadian citizenship practice test: how a practice test can help you

Canadian citizenship practice test
First of all, one should take the citizenship test very seriously because failing will result in appearing for an interview with a citizenship judge, and then start the application process all over again if the interview fails. A good Canadian citizenship practice test is a useful tool to hel [...]

Canadian Citizenship test : Canada needs mandatory test for high school students

Canadian citizenship test highschool students
Canadian citizenship test for high school students Canadian citizenship test were taken last year, under the supervision of the Historica-Dominion Institute , by high school students across Canada. They took a similar test than the one all immigrants have to pass in order to become Canadian citiz [...]

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