Canada citizenship test study: how to improve your concentration?

Canadian citizenship test

When studying for the Canada citizenship test, a lack of concentration might be one of the major reasons of missing what you are reading. You might read the words, study for hours, go through the material, but if you mind is wandering, not truly focused on what you are trying to learn, you will end up with poor results. The causes for this lack of attention might be:

– A lack of sleep

– Too much distraction around you (noise, kids, TV…)

– A lack of motivation

– A lack of mental stillness

– The material is too hard, too overwhelming

– A lack of interest in the study material

– Fear of failure

If you do not have sufficient interest in what you are reading, your attention will be poor.
Maybe you find the material boring or you learning method is not exciting enough. In this latter case, you should sign-up for our online Canadian Citizenship Test – Complete Online Training Program. It should help you study the material in a more interactive fun environment.

Here are other useful suggestions to help you study better:

– Try to sleep sufficiently during your study phase. Your mind should be alert and energized by a good sleep.

– Make a list of things you have to do besides studying. Keep this list handy in case you think of something else while studying. That should free your mind.

– Reduce your fear of failure by knowing that if you study well the study guide “Discover Canada”, there is no reason why you should fail. A good online Canadian Citizenship Test – Complete Online Training Program should help you in that sense too. Develop a positive attitude. You will pass the test.

– Choose a place in your home or outside your home, the library for example, with the least distractions possible.

– Try to work in short sessions of 45 minutes. Your mind will not be as efficient if you work longer than that. Take a break of few minutes during the session. Stretch, walk around a bit. If you wish to have multiple studying sessions during the day, make sure you separate them with enough time in order to refresh your mind.

– Study chapter by chapter, instead of trying to tackle the whole book at once. Once you are confident with your knowledge on one chapter, move to the next one.

– Don’t pay attention to random thoughts. This is the key to concentration. If a random thought arises, don’t dwell on it, just let it go, and refocus on your study.

Good luck with your Canada citizenship test study!

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