Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test – Online vs. Offline

Every year, thousands of aspiring Canadians take the Canadian Citizenship Test to start their lives as official Canadians. To pass this test, candidates need to ensure proper preparation that is strong enough to beat any challenges.

While preparation material is an essential aspect, another critical factor is the preparation source. It might be a case that your region is devoid of professional educators, proper resources, and quality classes. However, this was an issue only until technology transformed the education landscape.

With significant life aspects going digital, learning has come a long way from being in enclosed classrooms to something where a Canadian educator teaches the students miles away. And if you are still hesitant to choose between the online and offline mode of preparation, let us give you some reasons to choose the latter.

1. Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of online preparation sources is their availability beyond geographical barriers. You need not be physically present at a location distant to gain access to the best-in-class teachers. Power your digital device on, connect to the internet, and get started.

What else? You do not need to rush through the peak hour traffic to reach the Institute on time. You can enjoy your learning hours when you feel most comfortable, even if it is an odd time.

Besides all this, there is another advantage offered by the digital mode of preparation. You can be going from one place to another and make traveling time worthwhile by browsing the material on smartphones or tablets.

2. Self-Paced Learning

Imagine running into a situation where you do not get a particular aspect of the class. While you may have to wait to ask your query in the case of offline courses, this is not the case with online modes. Instead, you can directly go through the class multiple times unless you feel satisfied.

Moreover, you do not have to necessarily sit for long hours to ensure that you do not miss anything. Depending on your schedule, you can decide your time of the day and break a class into as many chunks as you want.

3. Unlimited Practice Tests

Multiple-choice exams can be a mind-boggling experience for most people. Examiners throw at you confusing combinations, and choosing the most suitable from them is a hurdle in itself. But does it have to be one? Of course not, at least when we have online practice tests available to the rescue.

No matter how much we try, the offline mode of preparation cannot beat the liberty to extend the number of practice tests beyond a specific number. Moreover, if you fail to appear once, you miss out on that opportunity.

However, this is not the case with online modes. All you need to do is sign up with a professional online course provider and avail their extensive range of practice tests.

What else? Take the tests whenever you feel you can, thanks to their 24/7 availability.

Not only do these online tests help you score high in the actual exam, but they also increase your chances by helping you ace each chapter, courtesy, of more specific chapter tests.

If you think we are done with the benefits of online practice tests, hang on. We have another one. Imagine a condition where the test pattern changes overnight. While with offline preparation mode, you might end up spending more on buying upgraded resources. That won’t be the case with the online preparation mode. So yeah, happy for your pocket?

4. Review at The End of Each Test

A comprehensive report at the end of each test gives you valuable insight into your performance and what can you expect from yourself at the actual test time.

This mainly has two aspects associated with it: the correct answers and incorrect ones.
While you need to check what went wrong with the incorrect ones, you also need to check what route took you to the correct one.

Moreover, you’ll come to know if the strategy you coined to reach the correct answer proved fruitful. And being right is not the only goal; getting the correct answers within the time limit is also vital. It is a timed exam, after all.

5. Memorize Discover Canada, the Easy Way

Discover Canada, the holy book of the Canadian Citizenship Exam, contains a lot of facts to memorize.

Well, this task can be approached in two ways.

Either you can open up the official guide and start cramming things and finally vomit it all out in the exam, which is, of course, risky. How? Imagine mixing up three dates and then answering three questions wrong.

On the other hand, you can do it in a more fun way by choosing one of the carefully designed online courses like one provided by CitizenshipSupport.ca and nail it like a pro.

6. Sources Certified by Others (Just Like You)

C’mon we all know no company would come and tell you they are not competent. It is business, after all. Thus, you need to check out reviews before you make your mind.

With offline resources, you may or may not find helpful reviews. But with online sources, you can browse through customer testimonials and choose the best option for yourself.


With so many benefits, it is apparent why the online preparation mode outshines the offline one; after all, who would not love the package of high-end preparation, combined with convenience and accessibility. We all do. Don’t we?

And in case you are planning to give your Canadian Citizenship Exam preparation an edge, check us out at CitizenshipSupport.ca to gain access to Online practice Tests designed to the latest patterns and more than 600 test questions, unlimited chapter and simulation tests, smartly designed preparation material and a lot more at your fingertips.

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