Canadian citizenship practice test: how a practice test can help you

Canadian citizenship practice test

Canadian citizenship practice test

First of all, one should take the citizenship test very seriously because failing will result in appearing for an interview with a citizenship judge, and then start the application process all over again if the interview fails.

A good Canadian citizenship practice test is a useful tool to help you prepare for your official test. Let me explain. The official test saw an increase in failure rates up to 30% since 2010, when a new harder test was introduced. The test in itself is in the same format than the older test (20 multiple answer questions to be answered in half an hour), but the “new” test is based on a much bigger study guide. Citizenship applicants now have to study a 63 pages book that contains a lot of detailed information and a lot of dates to remember. The official version from Citizenship and immigration Canada (see their website) is that questions can be asked on any section of the study guide. So it is highly recommended to memorize the entire guide. A practice test, or to be more accurate, a series of practice test, can trigger and train your memory. Reading the book over and over is a little bit more of a “passive” way of memorizing it. The practice tests can be regarded as a more “active” way of memorization.

The format of the official test is not as easy as it may seem. This is an other reason why a good citizenship practice test can help you. Here is why. Multiple-choice answers mean that you are given the choice of four similar answers. And that could be tricky. You might have learned the right answer once by studying the study guide, but would you be able to recognize for sure the same right answer among similar ones? The best thing is to not only study the guide of course, but also to take simulation tests of the official test. That is why we developed a Canadian Citizenship Test – Complete Online Training Program, to offer the best complete training possible to prepare for the test.

Reading the 63-pages study guide and trying to learn it could be a daunting task. It’s hard to learn it by heart just by reading it. Try and you’ll see for yourself what we mean. So this training program was also designed to make people learn more easily and more efficiently the content of this study guide. Generally speaking, for most people, learning in a structured and guided environment is a way better option.

Tell us about your experience with your Canadian citizenship practice test!

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