Canadian Citizenship: How to Apply Online – A Complete Guide

Canadian Citizenship Apply Online

Applicants for Canadian citizenship are now able to apply online (previously, applicants were only able to apply by paper).

This is the latest move by IRCC to modernize the Citizenship Application process. The new online portal is designed to be user-friendly and make the application process more efficient.

“For example, you can now save partially completed applications and resume them at a later time, upload supporting documents and proof of payment, print a PDF and ask for confirmation of receipt.” Said IRCC.

To increase applicant capacity on the online portal, IRCC will be using a phased approach.

Who can use the online application tool

At this time, the online application tool is open to applicants age 18 and over who:

● Are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. See our article here.

● Have a valid email address.

● Apply as an individual only (not as a family).

● Are not declaring residence outside Canada as a crown servant or with a crown servant family member.

If applicants don’t meet the criteria described above, they can only apply on paper at this time. IRCC is steadily increasing capacity to ensure that more people can apply online in the future.


At this time, representatives (an immigration or citizenship consultant, lawyer, friend, family member, etc.) are allowed to be used by applicants in the following capacity:

● To deliver advice, guidance or consultation to applicants at any phase of the citizenship application process, or in a citizenship proceeding.

● They can communicate with IRCC on behalf of the applicant after the online application is submitted.

● Currently, representatives are not able to apply online on the applicant’s behalf.

Future updates for the online portal

Stay tuned because in the near future, IRCC intends to open the online portal to the following applicants:

● Families (groups).

● Minors under 18 years of age.

● Representatives to apply on behalf of their clients.

● Clients who are declaring residence outside Canada as a crown servant or with a crown servant family member.

Apply online

Visit the following link: Apply for Canadian citizenship online.

✔ You need an online account to submit your application

Create an online account here.

✔ Documents and forms

IRCC will ask you to upload documents and forms based on your application.

✔ Paying fees

Pay your fees and upload your receipt in the online application.

✔ Processing Times

Online application to become a Canadian citizen: it starts after you submit your application.

✔ Application Status

RCC will contact you through your account. You can upload additional documents in your account.
Find out how to check your status.

✔ If additional documents are required

IRCC will contact you by email.

👍 Now you know how the online application process works!

If you get approved after you apply, the first thing you should do is give yourself a big pat on your back and throw a party for yourself! Afterall, successfully completing your application and being approved is a great accomplishment!

➜ The next step is to take the Canadian Citizenship test. Then, after passing the test, IRCC will invite you to attend a citizenship ceremony and take the Oath of Citizenship. At the end, you will truly be proud and full of joy because nothing beats being a Canadian citizen!

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14 replies on “Canadian Citizenship: How to Apply Online – A Complete Guide”

  1. I am above 18 and satisfy all the criteria to apply for Canadian Citizenship.
    Is it mandated to apply online or i can still submit paper application.

    1. Hi Hemant,

      To the best of our knowledge, you have the option to apply by paper application.

      We recommend contacting IRCC to confirm.

      Here is the IRCC contact information.
      Contact by phone:
      Call the IRCC Call Centre (1-888-242-2100), from within Canada only, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm local time, except for statutory holidays).
      Prepare to wait on hold for some time. Try calling early in the morning or use a speakerphone.
      Contact online:
      IRCC web form

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