What happens if you fail the test?

Canadian Citizenship Test stamp failed

Canadian citizenship test – You can rewrite the test

As of June 3, 2013, you will be informed of your Canadian citizenship test result immediately after taking it. If you failed the test, but you have met all the other citizenship criteria, you will be given a date to rewrite the test. Your test will usually take place 4-8 weeks later after your first test, but be aware the delay might be longer. If you need to prepare for this second test, read our article: new Canadian citizenship test – how to prepare for it?

Canadian citizenship test – Interview with a citizenship officer

If you fail the citizenship test a second time, you will be scheduled to appear for an interview with a citizenship officer. The interview will give the officer a chance to find out whether or not you meet all the requirements to become a Canadian citizen.

You may have to demonstrate to the officer an adequate knowledge of Canada and of your rights and responsibilities as a Canadian citizen. So study again the “Discover Canada” guide. Read it several times, ask a friend, family member or colleague to ask you questions about it.

You may have to demonstrate to the officer your residency requirement. That means that the officer might ask you leases documents, tax documents, maybe even bank statements, to support your case. Basically you have to prove to the officer that you were physically present in Canada when you say you were present in your citizenship application. Physical presence means having been in Canada for at least 1460 days in the six years immediately before the date of your application. This is important. Physically present means what it means, you must have had your two feet on Canadian ground. Time spent in Canada as a non-permanent resident (within the six year period) does not count. You can only count time after you became a permanent resident of Canada. Don’t forget that the officer has to approve your case, there’s no other way. The officer might ask you for every single proof of your stay in Canada, so bring all the documents that support your application. While the officer is not there to trick you or bring you down, you do have to take this interview very seriously, and the officer might be very detail-oriented and might want to check every single document.

Just as for your Canadian citizenship test that was only in French or English, there is a language requirement. You may have to demonstrate to the officer an adequate knowledge of English or French. You have to show the officer that you can understand basic spoken questions and basic statements, and that you can communicate basic information. Again the officer is there to make sure you do have basic communication skills. So if you think you don’t, maybe you could sign-up for some ESL classes (English as Second Language, you might have heard this term already).

If you do meet the physical presence requirements and you all the documentation to support it, if you do have basic language skills (French or English), and if you do know your the rights and responsibilities of a Canadian citizen (from the Canadian citizenship test study guide), then you should be well-prepared for this interview. Always check Citizenship and Immigration website for any further questions, or simply to check that they are not any important updates to this process.

Good luck with your interview!

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  1. Huma says:

    I failed my written test and now I have a judge hearing. I want to know what kind of question they will ask, like specifically what kind.

    • admin says:

      The judge might ask questions about your residency requirements, so take all documents which support your application. Also the judge might want to assess your language proficiency, so he/she will ask you some general questions to assess that. You might also be asked some questions about the study guide Discover Canada, so study the guide a bit more before going. Good luck Huma! Let us know how it went!

    • grace says:

      Hi Huma,
      May I know when did you take the written test?


    • Goldyscorpion says:

      Hi Huma,

      I have some questions for you, cause I might have the same case as you.

      -When was your citizenship test?
      -Did you fill a residency questionnaire?
      – Did you fail the second test or just the first? and if it is only the first why you must meet a judge?

      Thank you and good luck,


    • Aziz says:

      Hi Huma,

      i failed first test and waiting for 2nd test. how about yours judge hearing. could you please share yours experience about judge hearing.

      thanks and best of luck,

    • Pauline says:

      me too twice

  2. jaja says:

    Hi, I am supposed to go for an interview with the judge in july and they told me there will be questions asked about my language ability and my knowledge about Canada, but they added that I may bring an interpreter. I was wondering how would that work? It would be great if someone could please help me

  3. grace says:

    Hi Jaja,
    May I know when did you take the test? Thanks!

  4. Abdurazzaq says:

    Hi Dear Citizenshipsupport,

    I applied for Citizenship on July, 2011. and immigration office started processing of my application on Feb-2012 and my citizenship test was on August-2012 and i didn’t pass my test i failed and yesterday when i called immigration office an agent told me you have to go for retest how it is possible i go for retest usually if people fail they go and see judge but for me its different issue. any idea please.

    • admin says:

      Hello Abdurazzaq. Actually CIC just came up with a new fantastic regulation that allows people to be retested (instead of going straight to a citizenship judge). So yes you can take your Canadian citizenship test again. You should ask them for a testing date to be scheduled for you.

    • Humayun says:

      Hi Abdurrazzaq,
      Are you sure CIC agent told you they will give a chance for retest? I talked yesterday a CIC agent in same case and agent informed me need to meet with judge. Which one is correct.

    • gagan says:

      hi every body get 2 chance if second chance you fail then they call u for the interview

  5. raf says:

    Hi did anyone get there retest dates yet. I am looking forward to get one. I gave my test in October 2012 which went pretty well but to my surprise it dint get cleared.

  6. Van says:

    I fail the retest. The reason was I answered the question on the question sheet not the answer sheet was given. Is there any alternative way to raised the issue for the third time retest?

    • admin says:

      For this question, you should contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.). Good luck!

    • raf says:

      hi Van,how did you find the test ?

  7. Lorna says:

    me and my husband took the test on jan. 23, 2013 but until now were still waiting for the notice if we fail or not! just wondering how long will we have to wait.

    • admin says:

      Hi Lorna. It is pretty normal to have to wait a long time for the Canadian citizenship test result. It is not necessarily a bad sign, just a sign that CIC is heavily backlogged! You might have to wait a few more months. Good luck!

  8. Rameeshay says:

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about the interview with the judge. My parents and older brother wrote the test in Febuary 2012, and we received a letter in June saying that they had to go for a interview with the judge on July 17. Also, my parents and brother are pretty sure they did not fail the test, but maybe it has to do with the more rigid rules of CIC. So I was wondering, what kind of questions will the judge ask? And my parents and brother are scheduled 1 minute apart, but I think that they might be seeing different judges. Your help will be appreciated, thank you 🙂

  9. Abdurazzaq says:

    Dear Admin, I failed in my citizenship written test, so when I called immigration office an agent told me you have to wait for your re-test so its an excellent opportunity for people but lets say if you fail the second time in written test what will happen again go for third time written test or see the judge????? But it’s very good chance for people who fail in the first time then go for another written test.

    • admin says:

      Dear Abdurazzaq. People have only one more chance to pass their Canadian citizenship test. If they also fail the second test, then they will be scheduled for an interview with a citizenship judge.

  10. Guytri says:

    Dear Admin,

    I wrote my first test in February/ 2013. I have not had a response as yet from CIC. Just out of curiosity, if I fail my test the first time round & go for a re-test for the second time. How long will be the wait to get a response from CIC for a re-test?

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hello Guytri. This is a good question. According to CIC, if you fail your first test, you will be rescheduled for a second test within few weeks. We are not sure at this point if they give you your second test date right away or not.

    • Humayun says:

      Are you sure you will get a chance for retest if you fail first test? I don’t think that because i talked a CIC agent today, she told me you have to met with judge not retest because you gave exam before june3,2013

  11. DA says:

    Hello admin, my mother just had her interview with the judge and she failed. She is wondering what is the next step?

    • admin says:

      Hello DA. We are sorry to hear that she failed her interview. You should call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.) to get more details on her case. She might have to start the citizenship application process again.

  12. Humayun says:

    I and my spouse attended citizenship test April 20,2013.I talked today with a CIC agent and she informed me I passed the test but my spouse failed the test. Now my spouse have to wait for a judge interview (need a year) and I also need to wait for oath for my wife pass the interview. I am really confused why they are not giving a chance for retest for my spouse. Can you or anyone help me which one is the next step?

    • admin says:

      Hello Humayun. It could be that only people who have taken their tests from June on are given a chance for retest. But we also heard that they would give this chance also to people who passed their test before June and failed it. It is not quite clear to us yet. You should definitely call again and ask if she could be given a retest, like the rest of the applicants who have taken their test from June on (and failed it). Sometimes a different agent might give you a different answer. Please let us know of the outcome, so we can inform other customers. Good luck!

      • Humayun says:

        I talked again today to CIC agent and agent inform me that she is not sure yet my spouse need to interview with judge or retest!! Now how i will be confirmed which one is the next steps for my spouse?

        • admin says:

          The CIC agents might be unsure because the retest is a pretty recent change. I would just keep calling and keep insisting that your wife should get a retest. You might find an agent who is better informed!

          • Humayun says:

            Hi EVERYONE,
            My wife received a letter for second chance to appear an citizenship test and she also passed the test today. Thanks everyone who has given me lots of suggestion for me. Those who failed first test so sure he or she will get a chance for second time. Bye Humayun

  13. zora says:

    m a fille a passé son test en avril 2012, c`est apres 1 an et 3 mois qu`elle a recu une convaction disant que tu as echoué au test et que tu dois refaire,
    Est ce qu`elle va le refaire par ecrit ou elle passera une entrevue avec un juge. Je suis un peu confuse de la date du 03 juin 2013 et que veut elle dire.
    Merci Admin

    • admin says:

      Bonjour Zora. Pour les tests passés avant le 3 Juin, nous ne sommes pas à 100% sûre si elle peut refaire le test ou si elle doit passer devant un juge. Pouvez-vous appeler: Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.) pour confirmer? Bonne chance!

  14. Zizo says:

    Hi everyone I talked to cic agent today I tilde him that I failed exam may 2013 he said It might take another 35 months. But another one tolde me maximum 6 months to redo the test or to see the judge. I really don’t know what’s going on. Any help

  15. Zora says:

    Bonjour Admin. Aujourd’hui` ma fille va passer son examen.
    Est-ce que la même journée la commission lui dit qu`elle a réussi son test et que la cérémonie sera telle date ou c`est pour plus tard. Et en cas du contraire que va-t-il se passer?

    • admin says:

      Bonjour Zora. La commission devrait lui annoncer le résultat de son test tout de suite. La date pour sa cérémonie lui sera transmise plus tard par courrier. Si elle échoue son test, elle le saura tout de suite aussi, mais la date pour son “retest” lui sera transmise plus tard par courrier. Bonne chance à votre fille!

  16. raf says:

    Hi people I got the date for my retest .Its on 29th august…I am very tensed about it….Is is going to be very hard or what is it going to be like:( ….anyone with some ideas….

    • Humayun says:

      Hi Raf.
      thanks for updating your information. its very good news for all who failed the the first test. one simple suggestions for you-JUST READ BOOK.

  17. raf says:

    And one more thing I gave my test in glen erin office, mississauga the last time so have been scheduled for my retest at the same place….But I am in calgary right now .Do I have to travel back for the retest or I can give it here around the same timeline? Secondly if i travel to give the retest there would I be able to take my oath the very same day as I have to come back the very second day .

    Thank you in advance.Really appreciate all the help.

  18. raf says:

    Thank you so much for your prompt response Hamayuun …and yeah I must say I am not only reading the book but memorizing it with names,dates and the smallest details…..I still am sort of shocked about the news of me failing the first test which I gave coz I thought it went pretty well …and I am not very used to failing 🙂

    • aaron says:

      I heard if the judge doubts your genuine desire to live in Canada, he/she might refuse you. Is that true? Any official information about the interview? As we know some people leave Canada for long after they get the citizenship.


  19. Guytri says:

    Hello Admin,

    I just spoke to a representative and was advised that I passed my first exam. How much longer do I need to wait to obtain a letter in the mail to be invited to the oath ceremony? Any ideas?


  20. french lady says:

    I passed my test a month ago, I am french , almost never travelled away from Canada since 7 years and had to resubmit (after my passed test) all proofs I really live in Canada, Did someone experienced this before?

  21. Lourdes Martin says:

    I took the citizenship test with the interview last Jan 8, 2013 with my husband and my eldest son. Since then, I have not heard anything from them. And I just found out that my permanent resident card is expired. Do I need to renew it or wait for the citizenship letter?
    What is next for me to do?
    Thanks for your help!

    • admin says:

      Hello Lourdes. For this kind of question, it is best if you call the Department of Citizenship and Immigration at 131 880. Good luck!

  22. uzmairfan says:


    I took the citizenship test in feb28,2013 nd I have not heard anything from them.Im really worried about that plzzz tell me hw much i hve to wait for there answer.


    • admin says:

      It can take a while. You can always call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.) to inquire about the status of your application.

  23. amy says:

    My mom is 55 years old, she has been living in Canada for almost 29 years. I believe she is exempted from the test, but we got a letter invitation for an interview. It was something about identification and says nothing about citizenship judge or language proficiency. It only tells her to bring necessary documents. What will happen? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Amy. Yes persons 55 years of age and over are exempted from having to meet the language and knowledge requirements. To know what to expect during her interview, it is best if you call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.).

  24. jason chan says:

    Hi, I took the test in July/2013, and I had being told that I passed the test and meet all requirement. So far I have been waiting for more than 2 months, unfortunately I still haven’t received any letter for the ceremony, second interview or failed the test? My another friend she took the test later than I do, but she has already gotten the letter for the ceremony, so I am just wonder is there any way that I can check for my status? Thx.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jason. The best thing is to call CIC and ask them directly. Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.)

  25. M Ahmed says:

    My wife wrote test in April 2012 and havn’t heard back, She called CIC in August 2013 they informed her over the phone that she failed the exam and wait to write another exam. However its been 1.5 since she wrote an exam and no official communication. It is really difficult to call CIC. Any help or tips will be really appreciated.

    • admin says:

      CIC is heavily backlogged. So the best thing, like you did, is to be pro-active with them and call them directly. Good luck to your wife!

  26. Fran says:

    Could anybody help me with my question; my wife and I took the exam together however, my wife received a letter from CIC that she failed the test. Then a year after she spoke to the judge and failed again. So my questions are: I do not received any letter from CIC whether I passed it or not. If I pass the exam what is the cic next move. Or I should be waiting until when my wife will pass the test because right now, she lost her interest? Last question; do I need to apply again on my own? Please anybody can help what should I do. Thanks.

  27. Afsaneh says:

    My husband wrote the test on March 1, 2013 and not heard back, I’m wondering if he passed or failed, after exam he received the QR , and completed and returned back to CIC. How long more he has to wait to know whether he passed or failed. it’s about 8 months now!!!

  28. Goldyscorpion says:

    Dear Admin,

    – My citizenship file was transferred to the St Clair office on October 14, 2011 and I wrote the citizenship test on March 28, 2012. After that I filled a residency questionnaire form. I called CIC lately they said they might send me a letter either for another test or to meet a judge.

    – Would you please explain?

    Thank you,

    • admin says:

      Hi Goldy. We can’t speak on behalf of CIC, but it appears to us that you failed your citizenship test. This might be why they said that you might receive either an appointment for another test, or to meet a citizenship judge, which are their two available options to test you again.

      • Goldy says:

        either if I will do the test or meet with a judge, and if I did well, when will they ask me for citizenship oath?

        • admin says:

          Hi Goldy. If you passed the test or the judge interview, then you will have to wait for them to send you a letter with your citizenship oath date. This can take a while (a few months).

  29. Roger says:

    Hi, admin
    My spouse fail her citizenship test waiting for her retest or meet the judge how can I split my application?

    • admin says:

      Hi Roger. Please call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.)

  30. surendar says:


    My dad is 56 years old, he had the interview/id varification Nov 6 2013. I want to know how long does it take from that point to be called in for a oath.

    Thank you

  31. Kier says:


    I learned that I already missed two exam dates by checking online while I was out of the country for emergency – First test – June 2013 and 2nd test – Aug 2013. I found out that they mailed the notices to my HOME address instead to my Mailing Address. If only they have mailed it correctly to my mailing address my brother would have informed me right away and came back to Canada.

    CIC said that I have to wait for next year since I belong to non-routine application which is 35 months from the time they started my application. And I may be taking the written or more likely in queue for judge hearing interview (long waiting)

    I fine it unfair because it was not my fault and it was very clear from the start of my application that I have different addresses for my Home and Mailing address and I have no issue with the previous correspondence they sent to me it since all of them are mailed to my mailing address.

    I already provided them my reason within 60 days from the last test date (aug 2013).

    Can anyone provide information or link what would happen next in this case?

    Thank you

  32. Dalip says:

    What’s next if you missed the citizenship ceremony?

  33. Maria says:


    I did my citizenship last year in August 8 2012 before I did the exam I gat the Residence Questionnaire from the interviewer because I wasn’t have the translation for all my passport, within 45 days I applied all the documents they want it.
    until now I didn’t hear anything from them, anyone has same me or can advise me anything Admin?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Maria. The best thing would be to call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays). Call a few times until you find an agent who can have an answer for you.

  34. Christina says:

    Hi, I had written the citizenship test in Winnipeg on November 28/2012 and they had given me that short letter stating that I should hear from citizen Canada in 3-4 months of which I never did. It has been one year now and I haven’t heard anything from citizen Canada if I have pass the test or not. I had written to them also in Winnipeg about 2 months seeking any information they can assist with but no response.
    I am very curious to know what is the status of my results and would like some information on this. Does anyone in this group had written the test during November 28, 2012 last year and had they gotten any reply from citizenship as yet? How can I get to know the status of my results ? Thank you.


  35. Hey my mother failed the test twice and is going to meet the judge on 0110 … I know the written test was 20 questions .. But I would like to know how many question would the judge be asking … And which part of the discovery booklet should she study more .., thank you

    • admin says:

      It’s hard to say how many questions the judge will ask, but your mother should definitely read the booklet again, especially the chapter “Rights and Responsibilities of citizenship”. All the best to her!

  36. shi_attari says:

    hello Admin
    i have test for 6 Jan 2014 .i read completely all of this 600 test .do you think is it enough ?and the question are exactly the same this question? thank you

    • admin says:

      If you have completed all the chapter tests and simulation tests, you should be well prepared. Based on our customers’ feedback, it appears that our practice questions are very similar to the real questions. Good luck!

  37. Fran says:


    I am currently going to apply for the citizenship. I have a little brother (under 18), and my mother wanted to apply for the citizenship together with me. Since I am older than 18 years old, if we (my mom and me) both write the test. However, I pass the test but she doesn’t. Will my little brother get the citizenship even if my mother did not pass the test?

    Thank You.

    • admin says:

      Hello Fran. We are not sure about your little brother’s situation. You should call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.). Good luck!

  38. Edita says:

    Hello I have a teste Jan 9 2014 I don’t no what is gone happen I going by judge help do you no what a judge is go asking thanks

  39. danee says:

    Hi I just got the book for my citizenship test ,I know I have to wait till they sent me a letter for my written test. But I!m planing to go back home for 3 months in summer what happened if I m not here for the test. Can someone tell me please thank you

  40. Thi Huynh says:

    I have been very depressed about the result of my citizenship oral test which I took on April 29.2012 at your office. I thought an interview that a way to prove the knowledge of Canada, but there are other requirements that you will have to fulfill in the presence of the judge; it was not an oral test. When I came, it turned out to be the citizenship oral test. It was so unexpected to me that I couldn’t have time to prepare for the test so I couldn’t answer some of the personal questions the interviewer asked me. If I had been noticed in advance I would have got good results in the test. As a new immigrant, I am trying hard to study English to catch up with other people, but that day I got nervous during the test, I could not remember at all. The citizenship writing test has multi-choice, but the interview makes people easy to be afraid than.

  41. Oleg3455 says:

    Hi! I have oral test on January 28 2014, does anyone know if there is be question about knowledge of Canada , and how many? I didn’t had time to read the book, but my English very good, I’m here in Canada for 13 years now. Went high school for 3 years.Working full time from 17 years old , now I’m almost 28. Just hope I will past the interview .

  42. sangeet says:

    is there any case you have seen asking for documents after the oath letter is given in person

  43. patricia says:

    Hi everybody I need some help please . I got my letter probably one month ago saying to be prepare for my test that they will let me know any moment soon . just wondering how long takes to let you know where? and when? and if anyone knows what papers I will need to take with me for my interview and test .
    thanks =)

    • tingting429 says:

      I rec’d the same letter as you the end of Dec13, and rec’d my test letter the end of Jan 14, and my test date is Feb 13th. So you are almost there!

  44. zain shah says:

    hei.. i have given the canadian citizenship test on 17th april 2013… they havenot given me any residence questionare… they havenot replied me yet… i think its getting late.. my question is if i failed the test .. does the new january retesting policy applies on applicants who failed the knowledge in april 2013or before 3 september 2013… kindly reply as early as possible

    • admin says:

      Hello Zain. For any specific questions regarding your citizenship application process, please call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.). Good luck!

  45. Mrsali says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have one question regarding residence questionnaire…they have mentioned in the website that if u ll get RQ the process is non-routine and will take 34 months to complete the citizen process. My 34 months will be done in this September. Does anyone has the same condition? Did they ll call before time or not?


  46. Negi says:

    Hello Everyone
    I just want to know I have my citizenship test how many question I have to pass .20 out of 14 ? and what is the time period of test ?
    reply will be appreciated
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Negi. The Canadian citizenship test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that you will have to answer in 30 minutes. The pass mark is 75%. Good luck!

    • vikas says:

      i gave my test jan 2014 and i got 20 question and 16 question must be correct . i hear that now they change to 15 question must be correct but i am not sure about that

  47. lgy says:

    To be exempt from the language and knowledge test, do you have to be 55 at the time of application or 55 by the time those tests roll around? My Mom is 53 right now – so we’re wondering if we should apply since it took 2 years for my application to get to that test stage…

    • admin says:

      The CIC website says “If you are 55 years of age or older, you do not have to take the test”, so it doesn’t really answer your question. You should call them: Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.)

    • vikas says:

      you have to be 55 at the time you applied. apply as soon as possible because they are going to change that age 55 to 65 . this bill is in parliament .

  48. elmer says:

    My wife failed the test for the second time and wait for 3 to 4 months for interview with the judge but i pass the test on my first time..are my kids will be able to become a canadian citizen in behalf of me? or can we get our oath taking not wating for my wife?

    • admin says:

      It is best if you call Citizenship and Immigration Canada Call Centre at 1-888-242 2100 (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., your local time, except for statutory holidays.) and ask them directly. Good luck!

  49. Jay says:

    I applied in June 2011 and they got my file in July 2011.

    They started processing my application on January , 2012.

    They sent me notice on September , 2012 to appear and write the citizenship test on October , 2012.

    I got residental query on exam day i submitted my all document in 15 days. After that all silent.
    I called just last week and they said you were fail in test so you had ask to come on April 2014. but i never got any notice as they sent it to my old address, i do check online also but nothing mention online for my april test.
    though i have change address 2 years back online and i called and conform my self.
    now my question is
    1.when i will get the next notice for the test.
    2. Should take all my document during my test for the citizenship req. like proof of stay in canada etc.
    how long this will go as its already 3 years still waiting

  50. vikas says:

    hi everyone i just want to let you know what is procedure for citizenship test according to my experience. i applied citizenship in march 10,2013 and i received my test date on jan 7 2014, and after written test one lady call me she told me my result and ask me some general question it will took 7-8 minutes and then she told me to wait outside after 15 min she announced my name and told me to come next week for oath and thats it.

  51. Kika says:

    I did questionnaire 3ys ago failed 1st citizen test and pass in the second ….. What the next step

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone! I wanna know that I failed my citizenship test for the 1st time by getting 14 out of 20.but I went 30 minutes late for the 2nd time.I sent them a letter explaining why I was late after I week.its been 4 months now.I didn’t get any mail or any respond from them for my next test.I am so worried.I even called them but got no update.can anyone tell me why is this?

  53. Hi says:

    Hi CiC I need help for you I was today for citizentship In second time and I didn’t past the test just 11 that need 15 for 4 question I didn’t past and I reading book and study so much but when I want there I didn’t past test and now I’m wait for letter which day I won’t see Jd I need help I am sing mom and I am here just with my children I don’t have many body ??!?
    Plssss help me

  54. atuhel says:

    My wife wrote citizenship test on January 30, 2014a and she was passed the wreeten test and officer said she did not pass the interview and she will inform for interview within 4-6 weeks. but , still she did not get any interview date and any letter form CIC and its passed more then 6 months. if any one give some information or what is next to do?

  55. Waleed Khan says:

    My wife just gave the citizenship test and she passed it. She had an interview with the judge and he questioned her about her residency. He was wondering why she hadn’t worked for the three years she was here. Also we when we calculated we were just 1 day over the residency requirement. The judge said he has to confirm from border services the number of days you were out of the country, which takes 48 hours. I am worried why the judged asked for this? Everyone who passed the exam with me got a date already for the oath.

    please advise

  56. Anonymous says:

    Dear Citizenship-support,

    I would like to know if there is any other option for people who fails the 3rd citizenship test.

    Please help to reply.