How to tackle this multiple choice test

Canadian citizenship test multiple choice question

Canadian citizenship test: a few proven steps

During the Canadian citizenship test, there are a few proven steps that will help you tackle the questions and answers.

Step 1: answer the easy questions first.

If you sufficiently practiced the study guide, chances are you know for sure the answer to at least half of the questions. So don’t get stuck on the hard questions right now, just move on to the next question every time you are facing a hard question. You will be able to come back to the hard questions in a next step.

This is not the time right now to dwell over a question for too long. That would just increase your stress level, leave you less time for the easy questions, and decrease your self-confidence, and maybe your concentration too.

While it is important to budget your time (the test is only 30 minutes), do not rush through the easy questions neither. This test is a multiple choice test, which means that the right answer will be among three other similar answers and that can be confusing. So read the easy questions and multiple choice answers twice, and make sure you fully understand the nuances between the different answers so that you do pick the right one.

Step 2: relax for a minute.

Ok so now you have answered all the easy questions of your Canadian citizenship test, but you might still be stressed out. So take a deep breath, stretch a bit on your chair, and remind yourself that you’ve already done a big chunk of the test.

Step 3: tackle the hard questions

Go back to the unanswered questions, and look for clues in the questions. In most multiple choice tests, you can eliminate one or two answers simply by paying attention at how the question is worded. The syntax of the question might trigger memories of the right answer. But don’t agonize over one question for 10 minutes. If you really don’t know the answer, go to the next hard question. Once you have confidently answered all the hard questions that you could possible tackle, go to the next step for the few remaining unknown questions.

Step 4: time to trust your instinct or to guess.

Follow your instincts. When you first read the question, what was your first reaction, the first answer that seemed right to you? Pick this one, as usually your first immediate reaction should be the right one.
If you had no first reaction, no instinct for some questions, then you will have to simply guess the answer. At this point, you should have answered most of the questions (assuming you studied well). So guessing gives you additional chances to get more points.

Good luck on your Canadian citizenship test day!

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  1. I have been studding so much . Im very nervous . Hope to god that i pass .. There was a lot to learn . I bet canadian dont know the history like the people that are studding for this .. Wish me luck . Love canada .Just to let you know its hard for a 55 year old person to memorize all these question .

    1. Hi Anabela! Good work on studying so hard! We hope that you passed your test with flying colors!

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