What is the test all about?

new Canadian citizenship test multiple question sheet

The new Canadian citizenship test is based on the new study guide “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”.
This new test guide has 68 pages, and is much bigger than the old one, and has more facts to memorize. This new guide focuses on the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens, on Canada’s history, military contributions, symbols, values and institutions. More emphasis has been placed as well on facts about government and politics. The native population and Canada’s native roots are much better portrayed in this new study guide.

As a result, the new test introduced in March 2010 is much harder than the old one. Failure rates have climbed up to 30% since 2010, compared to a low 4% for the old test.

Like the old test, the new Canadian citizenship test consists of 20 multiple choice questions that you will have to answer in 30 minutes. If you have 5 wrong answers, you will fail the test. The federal government removed the mandatory questions system, where you previously had to answer correctly a number of specific questions in order to pass the test (on top of having a pas mark of 75%).

Test questions are drawn from the entire study guide. The federal government says you can be tested on any section of any chapter, so basically you have to memorize the entire study guide. But don’t worry, there are effective ways to train for your official test. Read our article on how to prepare for this test: New Canadian citizenship test – How to prepare for it.

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    i pass my test but still i have interview with judge what he ask me please tell me

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    Does anyone know, when do you get the results of the test? Will it happen on the same day as the test or do I have to wait for a letter? Thank you in advance

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    i am doing very well i have a lot of hope we will see

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    I’m 58 years old do I need to ask about Canada and I have a problem about my memory that’s why I’m in disability.Thanks

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    This is helpful, I passed the test easily. Thanks a lot

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    hi there i have a citizenship test on nov 24 2014 if anyone can help me with the questions and answers please that would be appreciated

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    I took the test and it was awesome.love to be a canadaian.

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    i pass my test, but still i have interview with judge can u help me pls

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    hi guys are going for my Canadian citizenship on July 13 am so scared about the question . does anyone remember any question . plz share

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    I want appy my citizenship test

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