How to prepare for the test?

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The official government study guide for the new Canadian citizenship test is called “Discover Canada”. This study guide has an introduction and 10 chapters that you must memorize, with lots of facts and dates. The Federal government says that you can be tested on any section of the study guide Nobody knows for sure which questions you are going to have on your official test day, so it’s best to memorize it all. And that can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t panic, there are efficient ways to memorize it and prepare for your test.

We recommend that you start by reading the citizenship test study guide once, it will give you a good idea of its general content.

New Canadian citizenship test – chapter tests

Then, we find that the best way to memorize the new Canadian citizenship test guide is chapter by chapter. You should read one chapter, and then take our chapter practice tests for that specific chapter, and repeat the process until you are comfortable with your knowledge on that chapter. Also, our detailed chapter test results will identify your strengths and weaknesses for that chapter. Then move on to the next chapter, and so on. A chapter practice test is a multiple-choice test, where you have a choice of several answers for each question (just like in the official citizenship test). That way, you can test your chapter knowledge by facing several similar answers and choosing the right one. Doing so is not as easy as it seems. Indeed, will you be able to recognize the right answer among four similar ones? Well, only if you trained for it. We offer one free chapter practice test (for chapter 1 – “Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”). Feel free to take it, it will help you understand what we are trying to explain here.

New Canadian citizenship test – simulation tests

Then, when you did this process for every chapters of the citizenship test study guide (only our premium Canadian citizenship practice test program offers practice on all chapters), you are ready to take real simulations of the official test (20 multiple choice questions to answer in 30 minutes). Our simulation tests replicate exactly the format of the real official citizenship test: they draw questions from every chapter and they are timed. Our detailed simulation test results will identify your strengths and weaknesses. We offer one free simulation of the official test. Feel free to take it, it’s actually fun. If you prefer to take unlimited simulation test, then you can sign-up for our premium Canadian citizenship test – complete online training program.

Because you want to be trained on the entire citizenship test study guide, it is important to mention at this point that our premium training program has 632 questions that efficiently cover the entire study guide.

You should stop studying the day before the test, allowing all the information to sink in. In the morning of the test day, have a good breakfast and put some snack in your bag, as the test registration can take a long time (you will most likely take your test with hundreds of other people).

Good luck with your training and all the best for your official Canadian citizenship test!

Prepare for your Canadian Citizenship Test
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