Canadian Citizenship Test – 10 Tips to Overcome Your Anxiety

Canadian citizenship test anxiety

It is common for people to feel nervous about taking their Canadian citizenship test.

After all, passing the test is necessary to becoming a Canadian citizen. It’s a big deal! Feeling butterflies in your stomach is to be expected!

Nervousness can be your friend and help you focus, but if it develops into anxiety, then it can do you more harm than good. It can disrupt your ability to learn and concentrate.

Learning how to manage your anxiety is essential to perform at your best on test day.

Here are some helpful tools.

#1. Make an Effective Routine

Incorporate into your routine test preparation time. Following a routine helps you manage stress more effectively and, therefore, reduce anxiety levels.

Start studying well before test day to avoid cramming in information at the last minute. Designated study time daily is ideal.

As you progress in learning the testable material, you will feel your confidence levels rise, and you will feel more relaxed. A recipe for success!

#2. Study Efficiently

Get the most out of your study sessions. Choose a space that is conducive to learning. A quiet environment where you will not be disturbed. If that is unavailable in your home, try using a local library.

Turn off your phone and turn off all electronics to minimize any possible distractions.

The aim is to achieve deep study sessions for a specific period where you can focus and learn uninterrupted. As a result, your mental wellbeing will benefit.

#3. Get a Sound Sleep

Good sleep hygiene is an essential part of a healthy daily routine.

Be consistent with the time you go to bed and the time you wake up. Some studies show a consistent sleep schedule is more important than how many hours you sleep.

Turn off all electronic devices well in advance of going to bed. Avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol, especially later in the day, to help promote a good night’s rest.

Prioritizing your sleep improves memory and information retention and promotes deep relaxation. Help yourself on test day by following healthy sleep habits!

#4. Talk With Others

Talk to people about your thoughts and feelings. Sympathy and support from others can help you release anxiety and connect with inner calm. Kind people you can trust will be happy to listen and give encouraging words.

Connect with people on forums who are going to sit their Canadian citizenship test. Sometimes, speaking to people who are sharing the same experience is just the boost you need.

Whatever it takes to give you that lift of confidence.

#5. Learn Relaxation Techniques

Some people suffer from test anxiety. This condition can block people from remembering information when answering test questions.

Learn breathing techniques for relaxation. Following your breath can be very effective in providing immediate relief from anxiety and can be utilized while you are taking the exam.

Other relaxation techniques that can be applied as part of a healthy daily routine are breaks from social media, stretching and meditation.

There are some excellent meditation apps out there. Habitually practicing relaxation techniques promotes a still mind.

#6. Eat mindfully

Following a healthy diet is fundamental to a balanced life routine. Eating nourishing food improves physical wellness, mental focus and memory retention. Avoid sugar and alcohol to help support optimal mental health. Good health equals a sharp mind.

So, eat mindfully and increase your chances of passing the citizenship exam.

#7. Exercise reduces stress

Getting regular exercise relieves stress and, as a result, will help you score well on your exam. It’s as simple as that!

#8. Journaling

Journaling can be a tremendous help in reducing anxiety levels.

Write your thoughts. Let all the negativity spill out of your pen and onto the paper. This process can be a great stress release. Relaxation will fill the space.

Clarity, perspective, healing and calm can be achieved by simply journaling. The more relaxed you feel, the better your performance on test day!

#9. Have a Positive Attitude

Lay the groundwork for a successful test result by cultivating a positive attitude. Positive thoughts have a biological effect. They trigger the release of happy chemicals in the brain.

So, think positive thoughts and set yourself up for success on test day!

#10. Reset yourself with a good dose of laughter

Anxiety can feel consuming and overwhelming. It’s not fun. Sometimes, we only need a quick fix to help us reset, recharge and refresh. Laughter can often be the answer.

Search the internet for funny memes or silly cat videos. Watch a good comedy flick or stand-up comedy act. Do something silly and make yourself laugh. Do what you have to do to get a good chuckle. Get yourself into stitches.

Laughter therapy can be the best medicine. Get a dose of it and score high on your Canadian citizenship test!


Becoming a Canadian citizen is a huge life goal, and it is life-changing. The process of achieving citizenship can be daunting and stressful, which can trigger anxiety. Reduce your anxiety and enhance your test performance by following our anxiety management tips.

Above and beyond all the tips and tools provided in this article, the best thing you can do to put your mind at ease and boost your confidence on test day is to prepare for your test with CitizenshipSupport.ca. We offer the No.1 Online Training for the Canadian Citizenship Test!

Feel calm. Pass your Canadian citizenship test. Prepare with us! 🥇

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