Canadian citizenship test: how to minimize your stress level prior to it

Canadian citizenship test

Your Canadian citizenship test day is approaching. You have been studying hard the study guide “Discover Canada”, but you might be very stressed about this test. There are ways to prepare yourself for it, reduce your stress level, and thus perform much better during the test.

First of all, you want to have all your required documents organized. Read carefully the test notice that the government sent you, and double check that you have put all the documents, that you have to present the day of your test, in one folder. Once you do that, you can at least have the peace of mind that the morning of your test day, you can safely take that documents folder and go to your test.

Then make sure you take at least a half day off for your Canadian citizenship test. You might be passing your test with hundreds of other applicants, which means that the whole registration procedure might take a while. Also, don’t make any important plans for the rest of the day. This will put your mine at ease that you won’t be late for anything or you won’t be missed while still taking the test.

Don’t rely on your study guide “Discover Canada” to reduce your stress level. This guide is not allowed to be used during the test. Instead practice well in advance with our Canadian Citizenship Test – Complete Online Training Program, and don’t study the day before the test, giving your brain a chance to rest.

Treat your brain as it was a muscle. You want that muscle to be rested and to have sufficient energy reserve. The brain needs glucose, so being hungry won’t make it run very efficiently. Get a good breakfast the day of the test, so that your brain (and body) gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals. You want to keep your sugar level steady, so don’t eat a breakfast that will spike up your blood sugar and then make you crash, and feel sluggish. So don’t eat junk food or too much high-sugar content food. Bananas, on the other hand, are very good for example, as they release their energy slowly. Other good foods include: proteins (eggs, beans, dairy products), seeds and nuts.

Try to avoid too much caffeine. Any caffeinated drinks (coffee, energy drinks) might help you to be alert, but too much of them might cause jitters and make you more nervous than you already are. After all, being relaxed for your Canadian citizenship test is the goal here…

Good luck on your test day!

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