Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test – Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing what to do while preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test is as essential as knowing what not to do. Often, we end up relying upon our friends’ and families’ experiences to evaluate ourselves in terms of preparation, the probability of cracking the test, and a lot more. We tend to compare our preparedness with them without implementing a criteria that’s fit for us.

In this article, we are going to emphasize on some of such approaches that you should be skipping, or should be following. Eventually, we’ll end up developing for ourselves a great strategy that is methodological, practical, and result-oriented. So, let’s get started right away!

What Should You Do While Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test?

#1. Choose the Right Study Material

This goes without saying. Besides the official preparation guide, choosing the right preparation material is an essential part of the preparation. With lots and lots of preparation material available, it is very easy to lose yourself trying to do everything and ending up getting nothing. While many sources claim to be the best, you need to put in some efforts to assess their credibility and trust to be the best one.

Start with the material that helps you clarify each topic with the required precision in the simplest way. After ensuring you are done with this, proceed onto the complex stuff. Try not to cater to everything at the same time.

#2. Create a Study Plan and Stick to It

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Depending upon your Canadian Citizenship Test day, plan up your preparation and make sure to stick to it. This would need you to consider aspects like the current preparation level, the amount of material to be covered, and the target score. A concrete study plan will ensure effective preparation using a painless and straightforward way.

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#3. Do Take Ample of Practice Tests

Practice tests at the end of each chapter along with the simulation tests offer you a great way to deal with exam stress. They help you understand weaker sections well-in-time and focus on them. Moreover, they serve you to understand the test pattern better and ensure that the exam doesn’t become a project altogether. Taking practice tests aid the aspiring Canadians to familiarize with a strategy they could probably follow to hit the bull’s eye.

#4. Do Study Ahead of the Time.

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

This saying can be best understood in terms of exam preparation. There is no point in being a one-night warrior, specifically in the case of exams that greatly determine your future. Besides, cramming everything in a single night does not only add up to the stress but also increase your chances of failure. Make sure you plan and prepare well ahead of the time and save yourself from any disasters.

#5. Do Study while Setting Realistic Goals

Setting up goals gives you the much-needed motivation to reach them. Ensure that you associate with your preparation challenging yet realistic goals. However, setting up the unrealistic goals might end up increasing the stress and disappoint you. This can severely affect your motivation and prove disastrous.

What Should You Not Do While Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test?

#1. Do Not Underestimate the Value of Any Subject

From Canadian geography and history to its economy and current affairs, Canadian Citizenship Test aims to examine you on various parameters. In such cases, it is a general tendency for candidates to skip certain subjects to save some time. While this strategy may seem to help you master other subjects, it takes a toll on the one that is neglected.

Besides, some candidates seem to be overconfident about a subject and decide to skip it or save it for the last minute. No matter how convenient it looks like, it goes against scoring high. Additionally, you may end up with a more overwhelming experience and burn out while striving hard to reach the finish line. The best strategy to overcome this is to prepare holistically, giving time to each subject.

#2. Do Not Skip the Practice Test Reviews

Practice tests are not just about the scores you get at the end of each test. They indeed are a great way to chart your performance. Taking a dig at each question can help you get acquainted with the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Thorough reviews at the end of each practice test help you understand your weaker and stronger parts and give you chances of improvement. They offer better opportunities for quantifying your preparation and prepare a strategy that works the best for you.

While it may look like improving scores means you are “bound to improve,” it is not so. Without reviews, you might be holding yourself back from making a more significant difference by not reflecting on your performance.

#3. Do Not Just Review the Wrong Questions

Yes. The wrong ones definitely need an answer to “what went wrong?”, but that does not necessarily mean that the right ones don’t need focus. Chasing the strategy that we employed to get correct answers is critically important. It also helps us to decide if the approach we used to get the right answers proved best or can it be refined for better.

Every answer (right or wrong) has an important aspect associated with it- the time. While reaching the correct conclusion is essential, arriving there in minimal time is also vital in an exam.

Going through the reviews of every question will help you significantly by giving you the analysis mentioned above.

#4. Do Not Prepare Based on Your Friends Strategy

Something that works best for one may not necessarily deliver the same results for another. This is why you need to find out what will justify your goals and your ambitions and prepare a strategy accordingly.


Following these simple steps will help you optimize your test-day performance. Get yourself prepped up for the final D-day and put your best foot forward with these simple do’s and don’ts. Not only will these benefit you to prepare in the best way, but also bring you the confidence you need.

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