Canadian Citizenship Test: best tips from people who have passed it

Canadian citizenship test

If you are sick with worry about taking the Canadian Citizenship Test, then you are not the only one. Most people suffer from some level of exam anxiety. But anxiety levels soar sky high when it comes to taking the citizenship test. This is perhaps the most important test a person can take in their lifetime. For many people, being a Canadian Citizen is right up their with the most important things in life.

Immigrants must pass the test in order to become a citizen. The test is in English making it extra challenging for people that speak English as a second language. So, for many reasons taking the citizenship test is quite daunting and nerve racking for most people. We have put together top tips from our customers who have passed their test. We hope these tips help you feel more at ease about taking your test.

Read the Canadian citizenship test study guide as well as listen to it

Many of our customers find that a great way to remember the study guide information is to read it as well as listen to it. The audio version will help you make use of time as you can listen to the study guide on the bus, in the car or while on a walk. It’s also very useful for people who can’t read English very well.

“I found the online training excellent. The mp3 option to listen to the handbook was extremely useful, and I used this in conjunction with reading and found that I digested far more than reading or listening only. I wrote my test on the 8th August, and I am very happy to advise that I passed! I do not believe I would have passed easily without the use of the online training, especially without the chapter and simulation test facility. I absorbed so much more by utilizing the chapter revision tests and the simulation tests. Thank you very much for this.” From Wayne, South Africa

Online training is a great way to prepare for the Canadian citizenship test if you have limited time

“Thanks a lot for this program which I purchased 3 days before my test! My own fault for leaving things so last minute, but the program helped me digest the information brilliantly and I got 100% on my test! Highly recommended!” Joanne, UK

Our customers find our online training a fun and efficient way to prepare for their test. Our training program includes the study guide, Discover Canada in PDF in text and audio version. It also includes practice tests in the form of chapter tests and simulation tests. Practice tests are a fantastic way to test your knowledge and understanding of the study guide. The Chapter Tests are very effective in helping you memorize the study guide information. The Simulation Tests are designed to help familiarize you with the official test format, which is 20 multiple-choice questions to be answered within 30 minutes. The practice tests will test you on all the information within the study guide – every single fact and date, nothing is missed.

“It’s really a great experience to go through this programme. The best part I love is the Chapter test as this provides all possible questions can be asked during the test.”
Amin, Pakistan

Be 100% prepared on your Canadian citizenship test day

Don’t plan anything on the day of your Canadian citizenship test. Bring all required documentation to test facility. Also bring snacks and water. Check to make sure you have all the documentation you will need. If anything is missing you will have to reschedule your test for another day. Don’t plan anything else on that day. There are many others taking the test with you and there is often long, unanticipated waiting times. You want to be as prepared and calm as possible on your test day.

We hope these top tips from our customers will help you in your preparation for the Canadian Citizenship Test. The more prepared you are, the calmer and more confident you will feel. Those feelings of anxiety and worry will disappear.

Need help preparing for your Canadian citizenship test? Take a look at our Canadian Citizenship Test – Complete Online Training Program!

We wish you the best of luck on your test!

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17 Comments » for Canadian Citizenship Test: best tips from people who have passed it
  1. Corina says:

    Corina, Romania

    I passed the test 20/20 on December 11th, 2013. This site helped me a lot. I can’t imagine remembering all the dates and other significant information’s from the ‘Discovery Canada’ book without the amazing ‘Chapter Test’, and the 611 questions from the ‘Simulation Test’ – this test is pretty close to the real one…. Just reading the book is not enough. I found this site extremely useful, especially when the time is limited. The test is easy…if you learn well and follow the steps suggested by this site.
    Congratulations for this site. Such a good job!
    Happy Holidays!

    • admin says:

      Hello Corina! Congratulations for passing the test with 20/20! This is great!! Thank you for your detailed feedback, we love it! 🙂

  2. Gia says:

    I got — I passed the exam, I just did the exam today 8 April 2014. I got my mail late and just started reviewing 5 days before the actual exam— 19/20 was not bad for 5 minutes. Thank God and thank you.

  3. sajidawan says:

    I pass my citizenship test two days ago and it was very easy I got 20/20 I finished within 5 book and try to practice quiz on citizenship support website it is very helpful.

  4. Sabrina says:

    I wrote my citizenship exam this morning (June 18, 2014) and I’m happy to say that I scored 19 out of 20. Thank you for your user friendly site. The site was programed in detail. Anyone who reads the chapters and write the chapter tests will surely pass. At first it seemed very difficult, but if any one practise the tests can easily score 20 out of 20. All the questions I have answered this morning came from the sample tests. Thank you again for designing this wonderful site.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  5. nour says:

    I’m pregnant, I will have a c-section on July7 and I have my citizenship test on Jun 30, just one week between them.

  6. srisun says:

    From chapter do we get more questions in citizenship test? I believe there will be one question atleast per each chapter?

  7. Uppal2015 says:

    Do you need to take all the paperwork that you are submitted? I dont have copies so will that be a problem?

    • admin says:

      When you come for your written or oral test, bring:
      – the original documents you sent with your application and
      – any passport or travel documents you used in the four years before you applied.

  8. Varsha says:

    I passed my last week and was glad to have practiced and worked so hard (scored 19/20). Although has a good way to practice test questions but mind you! read each and every corner of the book, they will ask from anywhere…I had one question that was not in any of the simulation or chapter tests. I am happy I purchased this training program but make sure you develop a strategy also in order to pass without worries…..I had literally written notes (twice) and filled books to prepare & it helped!
    Example: to remember 5 great lakes, remember HOMES – Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie & Superior
    For History: create stories using timeline as a guide

  9. mp says:

    did you have question in french?

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