New Canadian citizenship test: the Liberal government is hiring a private contractor

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Passing the Canadian citizenship test is one of the requirements to become a Canadian citizen. The test is based on a study guide provided by the government and assesses citizenship applicants’ knowledge of Canadian history, geography, politics and more.

The government has been working internally on a new version of the study guide, but a request for proposal has been sent by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to the private sector to help develop the new citizenship test questions (based on the government new study guide), the test blueprint and the 15 different test versions.

The government has not completed this new study guide yet, so it is not clear when work on the questions will start.

The deadline for submitting a bid is mid-January. The contract will carry on for a year so the work will likely end in early 2019. IRCC said that an official launch date for the new test has not been set yet, so it will probably be sometime in 2019.

The government is currently making “significant revisions” to the current guide, Discover Canada. A draft copy of the new guide was released to the Canadian Press last year and includes substantial new sections, such as, the history and lives of Indigenous Peoples; the history of discrimination against ethnic or religious minorities; and the history of sexual minorities in Canada. The draft copy also included a new chapter called “Quality of Life in Canada”.

This draft copy drew some controversy, see our previous article to learn more it.

The format of the test is not expected to change. The test will still have 20 multiple-choice questions which must be answered within 30 minutes, with a passing score of 75%.

Citizenship applicants are given two chances to pass the test. If they fail both times, they will meet with a citizenship officer who will determine if the applicant meets the requirements of language and knowledge of Canada. If the citizenship interview fails, the citizenship application will then be denied.

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