Celebrating Canadian Citizenship

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There are many REASONS to celebrate your Canadian Citizenship

– Canadian citizenship gives the right to vote
The right to vote is an important right that we might take for granted here in Canada. Being a Canadian means you are able to choose who you think should represent you on a municipal, provincial and federal level. This is something everyone should participate in.

– Citizens have freedom of thought, speech and religion
Canada is a democratic country where you can enjoy such freedoms without fear of persecution, unlike in many other countries in the world.

– Canada offers much diversity. Citizens of Canada are comprised of people from all over the world
Immigration has always been an inherent part of Canada’s heritage and cultural identity. Canada has one of the best immigration systems in the world, as well as one of the best multicultural society. Different races, cultures, and beliefs provide for a dynamic country. We live together in equality to enjoy all that Canada has to offer.

– Canada provides great opportunities to its citizens
Within its 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada offers every type of job and lifestyle that one can imagine. Canada’s economy is stable and strong enough to provide great education and employment opportunities.

“Many people came from less than nothing and they became something within the terms of what their lives were. Canada transformed them” Adrienne Clarkson – former Governor General

What reasons can you think of to celebrate your citizenship?

There are many WAYS to celebrate your Canadian Citizenship

– Get involved with Canada’s Citizenship week
Volunteer or participate. Reaffirm your commitment to Canada at the different community events during that week.

– Volunteer by getting involved in your community
Help other new immigrants or Canadians by making their life or environment a little better.

– Attend a citizenship ceremony
Friends and family of citizenship applicants are allowed to attend the citizenship ceremony. This is a great opportunity to witness hundreds of people taking the Oath of Citizenship, and to sing along “O Canada” in this emotionally-charged event. You might then realize what it means for people from so many different countries to become Canadians.

– Support local businesses
A great percentage of the Canadian economy is based on small local businesses.

– Sew a Canadian flag on your backpack
While traveling, show your pride of being a Canadian by displaying a Canadian flag on your backpack. If you have a suitcase, you could have a Canadian-themed address tag attached to it or a sticker directly on the suitcase.

What do you think are some great ways to celebrate your Canadian citizenship?

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