Canadian citizenship is going to be harder to get

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The Conservative government is considering dramatic changes to the Canadian Citizenship laws of Canada. These reforms to the Citizenship Act will be the first comprehensive ones in more than a generation. With the goal of strengthening the value of Canadian citizenship, these changes are expected to be presented to the House of Common in 2014.

One of the changes would be to extend the residency period requirement. Currently, permanent residents must be physically present in Canada for at least three years out of the last four years to qualify for citizenship. Under the new changes, people would need to live in Canada for a longer period before being able to apply for citizenship.

Also, under the new citizenship legislation, babies born in Canada wouldn’t be granted automatic citizenship anymore. There has been much complaint over the last few years regarding “birth tourism”, where female tourists come to Canada to give birth so that the child obtains Canadian citizenship.

The new legislation has not been finalized yet, but at this point, it looks like the changes will be quite significant. Canadian citizenship will be most likely be harder to get for permanent residents of Canada. We suggest you apply now before the changes take effect.

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  1. G Kan says:

    My parents are Landed immigrant. they have been in canada for more than 3 years but these 3 years are not within 4 years. Can they apply for citizenship?

  2. N.Al says:

    I got already citizenship test on April. Im going to travel on June and my home country passaport is expired.I told the imigration officer if was possible to take the oath before so i could travel with canadian passaport.. She answered maybe we will try.
    I called on Friday what is happening and the answer was i don’t see your name granted yet .I’m wondering is my file still on the same order or is replaced because of my travel because im coming back after 2 months.PS I have PR card and am i allowed to travell with only PR without passaport( International
    Thankyou ,waiting for any response

  3. Tracy Doyle says:

    I came to know about the changes in immigration application laws, only recently, and it hit hard on me. I understand these changes are the result of increasing citizenship fraud, but this step is a bit harsh on people who were expecting their lives to change a bit earlier after attaining their PR. Now, they need to wait longer.

  4. zaheer says:

    Hi to all,
    two hours ago,i did pass my citizenship test and interview,,,,,i want to tell to everyone that there are many web sites but most advance and better is this one,,,,this web site is in detail and according to discover canada.
    best wishes to all

  5. Lince says:

    I took a citizenship test today and I passed the test! This website is so helpful thanks a lot of your website training.

  6. Ghanshyam says:

    When therule s changing from four yers stay in siix years into three years in four year

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