What does Canadian Citizenship mean to you?

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Canadian Citizenship means a lot to most Canadians. We decided to ask a few people the question, “What does Canadian Citizenship mean to you?” In this article, we have the responses from Canadian citizens that are foreign-born to Canada. In the future, we will ask the same question to native-born Canadians and share their responses. We are simply curious what individuals from each category has to say. Such a simple question but the response we got from different people was huge. People got quite emotional as they shared their personal view. We enjoyed hearing what each personal had to say.

Maria Q, Mexico: “It was a long and difficult process to receive my citizenship, but it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. What a beautiful country and people! Having my citizenship means home to me. It means safety and security. A piece of my heart will always remain in Mexico. But the moment I stepped foot on Canadian soil, it felt like home to me. From the day I arrived here, I made it my number one priority to be a Canadian Citizen. I love being a Canadian. Gracias a dios!”

Abdul,P, Afghanistan: “I am very happy to have my citizenship. What a relief. I say that because even as a permanent resident I didn’t feel secure. But the day I said the oath and became a citizen to Canada, I felt lighter, happier, like I could make all my dreams come true! I never felt like that before in my life! Canadian Citizenship means a lot to me. I could write a book about it! But to sum it up, Canadian citizenship means ‘freedom’ to me!

Bonita, B, Peru: “Thanks for asking!! Well, I feel so proud to be a Canadian Citizen! I wish I could bring all my family from Peru to Canada and help them all become citizens! I miss them so much! But the beauty of having my Canadian Citizenship is that I can come and go from Canada as much as I please for as long as I want. I have the comfort of knowing that I can come home to Canada any time. I love this country. To me, Canadian citizenship means ‘pride’.

We asked many people the question and got different responses from each one. The emotion from these people we talked to was so strong, it transferred over to us. We couldn’t help but feel very touched and empowered ourselves! Canadian Citizenship means a lot – safety, security, home, freedom, pride…What does Canadian Citizenship mean to you? We would love to know!!

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