IRCC New Online Canadian Citizenship Test: Everything You Need To Know

The Immigration Department (IRCC) has recently launched a new virtual platform to enable applicants to sit their Canadian Citizenship Test online. This comes as welcome news for many people that have had their test date cancelled or postponed since COVID restrictions were implemented 8 months ago. Approximately 85,000 or more people are waiting to take the citizenship test.

IRCC said the platform will be tested over the next few months and more people will be invited to use it after performance monitoring proves it works reliably.

IRCC is now inviting some applicants to take their test online

You can only take the test after you receive an invitation. Wait for IRCC to contact you.

If you have been invited to take an online test, you:

• have 21 days from the date in the invitation to sit the test
• must be in Canada when taking the test

For more detailed information you can visit Government of Canada website:

The format of the online test will be the same as the in-person test

• It is in English or French.
• You have 30 minutes to complete it.
• There are 20 questions that are presented as multiple choice, or true or false.
• Your score must be at least 15 out of 20 correct in order to pass the test.

The online test has security measures in place:

• You will have to take a photo of yourself and your signed ID documents with a webcam before the test can begin.
• The system will take photos of you during the test
• You must take the test by yourself in a room with good lighting. This will make sure that the system can see you clearly through the webcam.

Taking the test online from the comfort of home offers many advantages:

• Promotes better test performance

Taking the test from a familiar setting may help test-takers feel more at ease while sitting the test. Feeling calm and comfortable has positive effects on test performance.

• It’s more efficient

You save the time and effort that it takes to get to a test office as well as follow all the protocols required before and after taking the test.

• It’s more convenient

Since you have 21 days from the date in the invitation to take the test, you can choose the date that works best for your schedule.

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4 replies on “IRCC New Online Canadian Citizenship Test: Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Hello,
    I just want to ask is it mandatory to use webcam in online exam. As my laptop’s camera is still working.
    Thank you

  2. Hi there.My name is Batlak Dzenita.I was just wondering if I can apply for my Canadian citizen ship passport and do the exam online if there is a possible way.I am a permanent resident and moved from Mostar,Bosnia-Hercegovina.Please let me know about the exam so I can go and visit my other family back home but without a Canadian citizen ship I can’t go anywhere.

    1. Hi Batlik,
      We recommend that you visit the IRCC website to get your information. You can start with this link here:

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