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Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test – Online vs. Offline

Every year, thousands of aspiring Canadians take the Canadian Citizenship Test to start their lives as official Canadians. To pass this test, candidates need to ensure proper preparation that is strong enough to beat any challenges. While preparation material is an essential aspect, another criti

COVID-19 UPDATES for Canadian Citizenship Tests and Citizenship Ceremonies

Though all in-person citizenship ceremonies are cancelled, some applicants will be invited to attend their citizenship oath ceremony online, over Zoom. Please wait for the IRCC to contact you. IRCC will send an invitation letter that will include the date, time, Zoom link and log-in instruction

Canada citizenship test study: how to improve your concentration?

Canadian citizenship test
When studying for the Canada citizenship test, a lack of concentration might be one of the major reasons of missing what you are reading. You might read the words, study for hours, go through the material, but if you mind is wandering, not truly focused on what you are trying to learn, you will end

Canada citizenship test: what is the new guide “Discover Canada” all about?

Canadian citizenship test
The new Canada citizenship test study guide “Discover Canada” has been issued by the Government of Canada since November 12, 2009. In essence, this new test guide was issued to tell a more complete story of Canada. Its primary focuses are Canada’s values, symbols, institutions, history and
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