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Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test – Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing what to do while preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test is as essential as knowing what not to do. Often, we end up relying upon our friends' and families' experiences to evaluate ourselves in terms of preparation, the probability of cracking the test, and a lot more. We tend to compare

New Canadian citizenship test: the Liberal government is hiring a private contractor

Canadian citizenship test answer sheet
Passing the Canadian citizenship test is one of the requirements to become a Canadian citizen. The test is based on a study guide provided by the government and assesses citizenship applicants’ knowledge of Canadian history, geography, politics and more. The government has been working internally

Canadian Citizenship Test: best tips from people who have passed it

Canadian citizenship test
If you are sick with worry about taking the Canadian Citizenship Test, then you are not the only one. Most people suffer from some level of exam anxiety. But anxiety levels soar sky high when it comes to taking the citizenship test. This is perhaps the most important test a person can take in their

Two very important changes affecting the Canadian citizenship test process

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In June 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced two very important changes that will positively affect the Canadian citizenship test process. Canadian citizenship test - You can now retake it within few weeks If you fail your Canadian citizenship test, you can now retake it once instead o

Canadian Citizenship Test Challenge

Canadian citizenship test highschool students
The Canadian Citizenship Test Challenge gives students from grade 7 to grade 12 an opportunity to test their knowledge of Canada by studying for and writing a citizenship exam. In this challenge students compete with other students from different schools across Canada. The exam is based on the book

Canadian citizenship test: one of the main reasons that citizenship is harder to get since 2010

new canadian citizenship test answer sheet
The Canadian citizenship test has been revised in 2010, and as a result, a new harder test came out that year. Failure rate for that new rest has been up to 30 percent, compared to a small 4 percent for the old test. The new test is based on a much bigger study guide (Discover Canada) with much more

Canadian citizenship test: not enough anymore to prove language skills

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The Canadian citizenship test has been previously testing two things: the applicants’ knowledge of Canada (history, government, judicial system, voting, symbols and so on), and their language abilities. The government thought that if the applicants could understand and answer all the questions, th

Canadian citizenship test: how to minimize your stress level prior to it

Canadian citizenship test
Your Canadian citizenship test day is approaching. You have been studying hard the study guide “Discover Canada”, but you might be very stressed about this test. There are ways to prepare yourself for it, reduce your stress level, and thus perform much better during the test. First of all, you

Canadian citizenship Test: why do we need one?

Canadian citizenship test
A new Canadian citizenship test was rolled out in March 2010 by the Canadian government. This new test is much harder than the old one, and has a much higher failure rate. This new test is based on a new study guide that is much bigger than the old one, and covers much more in-depth information abou

Canadian Citizenship test : Canada needs mandatory test for high school students

Canadian citizenship test highschool students
Canadian citizenship test for high school students Canadian citizenship test were taken last year, under the supervision of the Historica-Dominion Institute , by high school students across Canada. They took a similar test than the one all immigrants have to pass in order to become Canadian citizen
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