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From Josephinella, England

Thank you Citizenship Support! I just passed my Citizenship Test yesterday with a perfect score of 20/20.

Citizenshipsupport.ca was the website that I used almost exclusively to practise for the real test. I tried a couple of other websites, but much of their information was out of date.

This website has up to date information and is well laid out. I loved how I could practise chapter by chapter, or with a simulation test. I used both of these over and over for the 6 months before my test.

I liked that fact that when I got an answer wrong, there was a link to where the right answer could be found in the Discover Canada book.

I also loved the fact that I could login on any computer, tablet or phone to practise. And also how I could see my test history which kept me motivated!

I was nervous of spending $30 for access to the whole website, but I'm really glad that I did. It paid off with a perfect test score and I couldn't be happier!

From Mr Harris, United Kingdom

This program was GREAT!!! My test was on a Wednesday and I started the program on the Tuesday (day before my test). I was able to go through each chapter of the program as well as the chapter tests and because the program is online, I was able to use my phone and study in the line as I was heading to take my test (did not use the phone while testing, the testers make sure everything is removed). I ended up getting a 100% on the exam. I would recommend this program to anyone, I just would not recommend starting the program with less than 24 hours before the exam like I did, give yourself a couple days. Great program, cheers.

From Lori, Spain

Your online training really helped me a lot. I started reviewing less than a week from my exam date and I still got a perfect score. Your review have covered everything. It was a great help. Thank you.

From Malcolm, United Kingdom

Sat the test on Saturday and aced it! 100% and could not have done it without the help of the Citizenship Support training program. For the week prior all I did was run through the simulation tests, time and again until all the questions were done. Then reset and did it all over again. It really helped cement in all the facts - particularly the dates/timeline for the history section. Would definitely recommend the site for all folks looking pass first time.
Thank you!

From Mohammad, Jordan

Thank you soooooooo much! You have no idea how much I would love to hug each one of you who created this website and give you kisses hehe.. I did my exam today in Mississauga and it was a piece of cake, 20/20 and I finished in less than 5 minutes. Thanks a lot for helping me and taking your time and effort to create this amazing website. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! That 30$ is totally worth it and when I win the lottery or become wealthy I would donate a lovely cheque to you guys.. For the people who is thinking to join, please don't take too long to think about it, because it's totally worth it. Just wanted to share this with you guys 😛

From Welrose, Philippines

The training provided was great, I already had my citizenship test an got a perfect score 🙂 Thanks for the help, God bless!

From Sammy, United States of America

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this is a MUST-PASS TRAINING !!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi, My name is Sammy
First of all I want to express my sincere gratitude to citizenship support.ca and all of you who were aspired to work hard for elaborating this unmistakable program. It's a genius , accurate and authentic training for whosoever is serious to become a Canadian citizen . From the Discover Canada this training study has been perfectly and properly prepared to facilitating
anyone to understand this material through the test practices and others. Should one fail the test after undergoing this material? I strongly doubt.This is a must -pass tool. I just finished my test in couples of minutes and I can't even remember if I failed or misunderstood any question. So, do you wanna pass the test ,go for this program ,but make sure you don't just do the test practices, instead do test practices by chapter after reading your book. And everything is well designed and prepared by this program.Finally , let me tell you that $30 is worth it and you won't regret. I am just waiting to the oath ceremony ,very soon Thanks and good luck for all .

From Somaya, South Africa

My husband and I wrote our citizenship tests this morning and felt well prepared, after using your training program.
We liked that we were able to study using your mobile site from our phones whilst waiting in line to be called in to write our tests. Both of us scored 100% and will recommend your program to all our friends who need to write their citizenship test.
We read the book and used other resources but found your format to be the easiest to study from, since your simulation test is so similar to the actual test.
Somaya (South Africa)

From Shamaila, Pakistan

Today I took my citizenship test and I PASSED!!! This is the best site, and it helped me and my husband a lot. The chapter tests are very very helpful and I would Surely recommend everyone to use this website and you will surely pass the citizenship test. Thank You. All the best to everyone who are preparing for the test 🙂

From Rastislav, Slovakia

This website is very useful it helped me a lot for my test.
I gave my test today and scored 20/20 in 5 minutes.
I definitely recommend this website and is worth paying $29.
The questions on this website were similar to those ones on the real test.
Worth every penny! Thanks again!

From Sabrina, Bangladesh

Dear CitizenshipSupport.ca team,
I wrote my citizenship exam this morning and I'm happy to say that I scored 19 out of 20. Thank you for your user friendly site. The site was programed in detail. Anyone who reads the chapeters and write the chapter tests will surely pass. At first it seemed very difficult, but if any one practise the tests can easily score 20 out of 20. All the questions I have answered this morning came from the sample tests.
Thank you again for designing this wonderful site.
Dhaka, Bangladesh

From Lanning, United Kingdom

Your site is awesome and was much better than trying to study the manual on your own, and because you study at your own pace I think it's better than going to classes. I actually put off studying for almost a year. I got my notice and manual from Canadian immigrations about a year a go and they said I would receive notification of my exam within 12 months. When I was notified I only had 2 weeks to prepare and I hadn't even cracked open the manual. I found your site after looking at a few others and decided yours looked the best of the bunch. I read the manual while listening to the chapters via the audio narration on the site. I would study 2-3 chapters a day and I would spend about 30 minutes a day taking the chapter tests until I finished the manual. It took me 4 days of casual reading/listening and tests to finish the manual. For the next 5 days I took the simulation tests for about 30 to 45 minutes a day.

The day of the test I was the first person in the room of about 50 people to finish so I was a bit nervous thinking I had done something wrong, but I scored 100%! The questions aren't worded exactly as on the real exam but they are so close that when you actually open the exam and start looking through the questions you are very quickly assured you know the material backwards and forwards. I feel as if I over-prepared just by casually following your simple method of study and testing. Thanks again for the excellent service you provide. I have already recommended you to a few of my friends who are testing soon.


From Olga, Mexico


Your online training program worked extremely well for me - yesterday I passed my citizenship test! After using your program, I found the actual test very easy and I finished the exam in less than 10 minutes.

Your program helped me prepare in stages (chapter tests are great to reinforce what you just learned by reading/listening to each chapter) and the cross platform is an excellent way to practice anytime, anywhere (I was able to study and try the chapter tests on my computer, tablet and phone, even on my way to work). Your program also helped me feel extremely confident about my progress and to take the stress out of the whole citizenship test event. Of course, there was no magic involved - I still had to make the effort to study a little bit every day and I made the commitment to complete at least one test per day - but this program helped me tackle the task little by little and made it way, way easier.

Many thanks to the CitizenshipSupport team that put together this program!
I would definitely recommend it to those that are scheduled to write the citizenship test.

Kind regards,

Olga from Mexico

From Alam, Pakistan

We were left with just one week when we found your website. For a nominal cost your website made our Canadian Citizenship dream true.
Uzma Alam & Alam Khan

From Ngawang, Tibet

Hi my name is ngawang from tibet . I did citizen test today. I passed 100 percent. so Citizen support is my best teacher. So thanks thanks. Thanks thanks Citizenship support.ca

From Madlena & Bogdan, Romania

We want to thank you for this amazing site!My husband and I, study for the test one day and took the test 20/20 today!!!!:-)
If you want to prepare for Citizenship test this web site is the BEST!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

From Zainab, United Arab Emirates

A big "Thank You" to the team at the Citizenship Support Online Training. I am extremely glad that I prepared for my test using this training. It's a ONE STOP destination to prepare, learn, revise and review your performance on daily basis. The practice questions of the chapters are extremely detailed and provides a very comprehensive understanding of Discover Canada.

I scored 20/20 in my test and I highly eecommend this training.

All the best!

From Aqa M.Mahfuzul, Bangladesh

Dear The CitizenshipSupport.ca team,

I really enjoyed the training with the Citizenshipsupport.ca. It was great help for me . I must suggest the site to my all friends & family members who ever sit for the Canadian Citizenship test. It gave me that confidence that I didn't scare to sit for the exam and the citizenship test became nothing to me. I did all the simulation test & chapter test of the Citizenshipsupport.ca and for that I scored 20 out of 20 in the Canadian Citizenship Test.

Thank you so much for the support. Thanks to all team member who ever contributed to make Citizenship support.ca

Long Live Citizenship Support.ca

Best Regards,

Aqa M.Mahfuzul H.

From Innocent, Pakistan

Bingo! I scored 100%, correct answers 20/20. Credit goes to citizenshipsupport.ca.

From Mike, Nigeria

I just took my test today , and I scored 19/20. I was severely over prepared! I finished the test in 5 mins and all the questions were directly from your training program! I'm absolutely in awe and shocked! Thank you soo much for changing my life forever! prior to signing up with your program, I read all the reviews at length. Initially, I felt it was all hype but I decided to give it a try anyway because so many people were genuinely appreciative and thankful for your training program.
The test simulation is absolutely astounding for real test feel and timing. I did the simulation until I averaged 95%. Anyone who wants to pass their test need to study the chapter , do the corresponding test and finally aim to score perfect on the simulation. If you do this, I guarantee you will pass in flying colours!! Thank you soo much for changing my life forever! I love you guys!

From Kimberly, United States of America

Hello there!
I had an amazing experience with Citizenship Support's online training program!
I got 19/20 on my test and I have my Citizenship Ceremony this week!
I can't thank you enough for your amazing online program! I would definitely recommend it to ANYONE that is looking to get their Canadian Citizenship. Thank you so much for offering something as beneficial as this program!

From Ping, China

Thank you for providing this super training for the citizenship test.
There were only 2 days left when I got the notification of the citizenship test. I was really upset as I had never read one word of Canada Discover. I did not get any help when asking around. Fortunately I found The www.CitizenshipSupport.ca
when I searched the google. After two days and one night practice, I passed the test without any error! It took me only 4 minutes to finish the test!
Thanks the CitizenshipSupport.ca team provide this wonderful training. I would like to recommend this training to everybody who wants to pass the citizenship test in a few days!
Ping W.

From Amarpreet, India

I would like to take this time to specially thank Admin – Citizenship Support Team. The chapter by chapter tests were very detailed and presented an excellent way of practicing for the test in a focused manner.
Simulation tests helped me to gauge my efficiency for the test day. The tests covered each chapter thoroughly leaving no room for surprises. I scored 20 on 20 in my citizenship test.
Timeline section in this program is perfectly tailored for quick revision for endless facts and years that need to be memorized.
I recommend this program to anyone who wants to pass their citizenship exam with flying colors.

From Hector, Mexico

Dear Citizenshipsupport management team:
Thank you so much to put all the effort and hard work to create this amazing web site!
The chances to pass the test increase automatically as soon as you practice and learn every day studying from all the questions. It is a better and efficient way than read the whole booklet trying to memorize it all at once.
I strongly recommend it to all the people that want to become a Canadian Citizen, taking the written test. Do not hesitate to buy this amazing program, it is worth every penny...
Kind regards,

From Pratap, India

Hi there,
I really had a very great experience going thru your training program, the best part was the chapter test which not only ensures that you did not miss anything and you can reset them as many time as you can.In the begining of the program it just seems impossible to memorize all of it, but when I started giving simulation test realized how important is to read and pass the chapters. Surprisingly I only used the program for 2 weeks and my simulation tests average was between 72% to 76% and with constant practice and just before a day of my Citizenship exam, I reset everything and started scoring average of 95% to 98% and guess what .....??? Today was my exam day and when the immigration officer informed me that I scored 100% ,20/20. I sincerely want to thanks the website for making it very user friendly and to the point.
Thanks a ton,

From Olive, Italy

I received a letter for citizenship exam a week before the test and going on vacation at the same time. So, I looked for a website that might help me with the study guide and practice test. After reading the book twice and done all the simulation test in this website, I passed with 19/20 score in 2 minutes. Now, I'm just waiting to take the Oath of citizenship.
Thanks citizenship support!

From Liz, Mexico

Dear citizenship support
I would like to thank you so much for the great training that you have, i did my test and i got 20/20 it prepare me very well for the test. It was hard but worth it! The questions were so much like it as this one, I will recommend this program 100% to everyone!!
Thank you!!

From Pankaj, India

I did my test in 3 minutes (1 minute for revision)with a score of 20/20. Very useful website. Style of questions prepared eve well. There are a lot of questions and I am very happy, I went with this for my test preparation.

From Cristina, Venezuela

Dear citizen support,
I will like to thank you very much for your training, the training was hard but it prepare me very well that I have finish my test in 5minutes with 100%. Your training is right on target and will recommend it with confident.
Thank you 🙂

From Oscar, Philippines

The Study Guide was a bit hard to follow, so I resorted to practice tests to make me understand it better - I discovered this site and it's a blessing, It helped me understand the study guide more as it tells you the page where you can read the correct answer to every test questions that you answered incorrectly. and must I say that they also have the timeline making the history details and the years listed in the study guide easier to remember! no surprise that I got a perfect score on my written test! every penny I spent is worth it. This site is a good tutorial for you to be able to learn the entire study guide.

From Saba, Ethopia

You are amazing. I love ur program. It is help full to pass the citizenship test. I pass the test. I get 95%.thanks for your help.

From Sana, Pakistan

This website is very useful it helped me a lot for my test. I gave my test yesterday and scored 18/20. Most of the questions come are the same as this website. I also studied the book 5-6 times.

From Cherrylyn, Philippines

i just took the test this morning and i got 20/20. im so glad i found this website. worth every dollar! i will surely recommend this website to others.

From Ayo, Nigeria

I got a notice to write my test 2 weeks before the test date. All i did was sign up for citizenshipsupport.ca . i read all the chapters and took the chapter test twice made sure i scored at least 94% in each chapter test. I took the 600 simulation exam twice, my confident level rose i went for the test and i scored 19/20. If you study all the materials here, become conversant with the questions and answers you will surely pass.

From Lynda, United Kingdom

I completed my citizen exam yesterday and am pleased to say that I got a 20 out 20 result. I believe this to be a direct result of all the training I did using your website. I was was so well prepared because I had been learning the right information and was able to focus on material that was relevant. Thanks Citizen Support. I look forward to my ceremony and becoming a Canadian Citizen.

From Judy, United States of America

I passed my test yesterday. Thank you for having such a thorough study guide. I felt confident due to all my practice tests. I completed my test in three minutes. Thank you again for your help.
Judy F

From Leah, United States of America

I passed my citizenship exam with a perfect score. I am very happy and pleased about the result. I would like to give credits to the CitizenshipSupport.ca team. You're such a big help. Well appreciated.

From Abdullahi, Nigeria

I would like to thank you so much for the great training that you have, I did my test in 4 minutes (1 minute for revision) with a score of 19/20. Very useful website. Style of questions prepared eve well. There are a lot of questions and I am very happy, I went with this for my test preparation.

From Srinivasamurt, India

Dear Team,
The site is excellent. I have passed the exam. Questions were very much exhaustive from your site. Really thanks for your support.

From Warit, Thailand

I had my test this morning and it went very well. Thanks to this website, it helps me a lot. WORTH EVERY DOLLARS I SPENT!

From Alex, Russian Federation

The, first of all, I would like to thank you guys for your hard and very necessarily job. Your on-line training is amazing!
It is really hard to get an information from the book I got from CIC. If I had not used your training, probably I would not have passed my test. Now, I feel more confident and "ready to go." Of course, I have some more time to train my brain and eyes over and over before the test date. I will keep my work on it. However, right now I am pretty much sure that I am ready.
You are doing such an important work. Also, you are doing our preparation for citizenship test easier.
Thank you again.

From Saleema, Afghanistan

Hi my name is saleema and I'm from Afghanistan, thank you so much I passed my citizenship test because of your outstanding training program I really enjoy stading all questions chapters timeline thank you so much.

From Andrey, Russian Federation

Hi there,
This online training is very helpful and worth every single penny I spend on it. I would recommend to everyone who is working now on preparing for exam.

From Ying, China

Dear CitizenshipSupport team,
This is Ying. My husband and me pass the test on both 20/20! Everything on the website is so helpful! The timeline is so helped. Thank you so much!!! Love you guys!!!!

From Jessie, Philippines

Yay! I passed the test this morning! 🙂
I'm so glad that I got this Canadian Citizenship Training Program.
Everything became easy. Me & My Family went to Toronto last week for a 4 days vacation & when we went back home I have a noticed for citizenship test in my mailbox so I still have 3 more days to review but I only have 2 days available to study because there are contractor in the house that replaced our heater. Well all I can say is this program really works very well. I completed reading the whole study guide. When I'm doing something I am listening to it. Very well detailed on each & every chapter when your taking the chapter or practice test. The day before the real test I tried the simulation test. So this morning when I took the test I am confident. Nervous & excited but confident.
Thank you very very much citizenshipsupport.ca! This is a very big help to
all of us.

From Beth, China

hi citizenshipsupport,
im very glad i did the review on your website. i reciv my notice two weeks before my exam. did all the practice test and read the book. it was easy to understand the book after doing some of the practice test. i was never nervous for my exam because i was inspired from the people from this site saying the exam is very the same from the site. so proud got 19/20. got it almost perfect. my advice to everyone dont change your first answer because sometimes its always the right one. i have 1 mistake as i changed first answer. To all who is going to take the test i will really recommend citizenshipsupport.ca. one of the girl who failed during our exam, felt bad for her so i told her to do the review on this site. thank you citizenship support. amazing.

From William, United Kingdom

I never write online reviews but the study quizzes really saved my life. After getting notices for over a year saying I'd have to write a test at sum point I got the official notice with the appointment time two weeks ago. I had less than one week to study. I just practiced all the chapter quizzes every day. I was nervous as I was only getting 60%'s during this time and a pass is a. 75%, so I repeated them daily. The night before my exam I did the situational practice tests which was like being in the actual test. I got 80 on my first attempt and kept at it till I got 90% and felt a lot more comfortable and prepared for my exam. My exam went brilliantly. I got 19/20 and was done within 3 minutes and took 1 minute to review!
I'd recommend it to everyone.

From SR, India

I just had my test today and passed 100% !!
Thanks citizenshipsupport, the test questions on your website, it really helped me to pass! Highly recommend to others!

From Anita, Poland

I just passed my test 19/20 I'm soo happy!!! You website is the excellent way to learn all the information provided in the guide book. Thank you !

From Tanya, India

Thanks to you. I passed my citizenship test yesterday. I will definitely recommend the site to my friends and relatives.
Thanks again

From Jan, Sweden

I felt this course was very well defined and helped me understand and memorize the material much better. I can only recommend it to anyone preparing fot the exam. I went in there with confidence, well prepared, knew all the answers and passed it with ease thanks to your help

From John, Romania

You guys are the best, I've learned all what you sent to me and I passed the exam. Thanks a lot.I recommend to everybody who want to get the exam quick and fast.

From Eva, Romania

The program is really good and helpful. It is very detailed which helps to get a better understanding of the material. We had our citizenship test and passed it with very good mark. It is an excellent program it is worth it. It is a good investment if you want to be very well prepared.

From Fared, Egypt

This the best training. I pass the test yeasturday . Thank you verey much.

From Blanca, Mexico

Thank you so much for your e-mail. I appreciate your interest in my opinion and experience. The training program has been a huge help in my preparation for the citizenship test. The tools provided, especially the chapter tests have helped to know whether I am retaining information or not in a proper way and they also are a great to review what I had just studied. I do not regret the purchase of this program because it's been a fundamental key in my preparation and study. I would highly recommend to others getting ready for the test to get this training program. As for how to improve it, I don't have much to say. I think that the program already excels. I downloaded other programs to help me study and none of them is near as good as yours.

From Diana, Russian Federation

I just passed my Canadian citizenship test. The questions on this website were similar to those ones on the real test. This training helped me a lot. I got 20/20! And already recommended this website to two of my friends. Great job! Thank you!

From Sajid, Pakistan

I pass my citizenship test two days ago and it was very easy I got 20/20 I finished within 5 minute.read book and try to practice quiz on citizenship support website it is very helpful.

From Hina, Pakistan


From Sinan, Lebanon

its perfect i got 20/20

From Bintu, Sierra Leone

Hello, thank you very much i just pass my test today 95%

From Karen, England

I sat my Citizenship Test and passed with a score of 100%, and it only took me 4 minutes to finish. I found Citizenship Support extremely helpful in helping me study as trying to read and absorb the study book was very draining mentally. I would recommend to anyone to use this site as an extra means of learning. Thank you to the developers of this site.

From Johnny, Colombia

We passed the test. I got 20/20 and my wife got 19/20. I will recommend citizenshipsupport.ca to all my friends.
Thanks a lot!!

From Zuhal, Poland

I got a notice to write the citizenship test, but I wasn’t able to study because I ended up giving birth before my due date which is also before the date I was requested to write the test. I became so busy with my new born boy and not having enough sleep at night didn’t allow me to do a lot of studying. I purchased this program just 2 days before writing my exam and didn’t really study the questions carefully until the day before writing my test. I went in and guess what? I passed the test 20/20 in less than 10 minutes . Thank you so much citizenship support for your help and for making this a great source of learning. I love this program and I recommend it for anyone who’s taking the step on becoming a Canadian. I am the happiest woman today!

From Amie, Australia

Your program was crucial. It got me into exam mode and prepared me for how varied the questions could be. I passed with 100% and I went into the exam knowing I had done the best I could when it came to studying. It was really fun to have another mode of study to. Reading the Discover Canada book was not the best way for me to learn.
Thank you.

From Afsheen, India

Hi, I’m glad i got 100% marks in my test…thank you citizenshipsupport.ca that was really wonderful support .

From Wendy, United States of America

This was a great system. It made me over study and I got 100% on my test-completed it in 5 minutes.

From Hamideh, Afghanistan

Hello Citizenship support team, I had citizenship test yesterday and I passed with 95%! with only 8 maximum days practice with Citizenshipsupport.ca. I failed my tests 2 times before because of many confusion of reading many resources and not read the book, but this website helped me to review with discovery Canada chapters by chapters.
Citizenship Support team, thanks so much!

From Goran, Macedonia

thank you very much citizenshipsupport.ca . Me and my wife, our score today is double/double… double 20/20

From Adrian, Cuba

It is with great satisfaction I share with you that I passed my citizenship exam. I’d like to start by thanking the Citizenship Support Team, Thanks to their program I was able to prepare for the test with great success. It made it easy and fun to learn about this great country, which I am proud to say I am a Canadian citizen. The exam wasn’t that hard at all, I was done within 2-3 minutes. I recommend you all to buy the program, you wont regret it. This a lifetime opportunity.
Thank you all and Good Luck Guys (-:

From Cader, Sri Lanka

I am really really help your training. I had a test yesterday, I got 19 out of 20
THANK YOU............CADER

From Gia, Philippines

I got — I passed the exam, I just did the exam today. I got my mail late and just started reviewing 5 days before the actual exam— 19/20 was not bad for 5 minutes. Thank God and thank you.

From Rima, Jordan

I had my test in Ottawa and got 20/20...I found it most useful to remember dates and main historical names and am glad for this achievement...I deeply
recommend this website for coming candidates and wish all the best of luck.

From Raihan, Bangladesh

You have coverup main part of the book through online practice. It was very effective before exam. I got 20\20. Thanks

From Emmanuela, Nigeria

The Canadian Citizenship training program is worth the money I spent to purchase it. I am glad there is something out there for me to practice my citizenship test. Thanks a lot for assisting immigrants. This is very helpful!

From Florabel, Philippines

I took my Citizenship test this morning and I passed my test. I got 19 out of 20. This website helped me a lot. I recommended this to all my friends and everyone who will take a citizenship test.

From Keri, United Kingdom

Hi Citizenship Support Team,

Your training program was extremely comprehensive. Before I made the purchase, I had completed one full reading of the study guide with the help of the corresponding audio just to try to break things up a bit). However, I wasn't retaining information quick enough to pass the free handful of sample tests available on the internet.

I happily paid the C$29+HST once I had done a fair amount of background research to satisfy myself that you weren't running some kind of scam. It was absolutely worth it. I would advise people to read through the study guide first to get a feel for it ... so that when they do answer questions incorrectly, they are familiar with the reference point they are taken to that explains the correct answer. For me, the training program essentially became a bit of a fun quiz rather than a boring learning exercise, i.e. the process enabled me to really learn the content.

In the end, the test itself was extremely easy as I got 19 out of 20. But then, I did study for an entire weekend to make absolutely sure 🙂 The only question I got wrong involved a subtle difference between a "privilege" and a "right".



From Madz, Philippines

Just wanna thank you for citizenshipsupport.ca ! $29 bucks is worth it!
I took my exam this morning and passed it with flying colours! I got 20/20!
Finally! No more finger prints for me every 6 months at the US border!

From Svetlana, Russian Federation

Thank you very much. Your questions helped us focus on the content of DISCOVERY CANADA. After reviewing all the chapters with your test support, it was easy to keep in mind the main points. We felt very confident on the exam.
I would recommend your online course to everybody who wants pass the citizenship exam.

From Julith, Philippines

Hi Citizenship support
JUST want you to know i did my test this morning and i passed got 18 score. THANK YOU VERY MUCH….

From Yuliana, Indonesia

To all Citizenship Support team,

We passed the exam today, many thanks to spend the time and make it easier to study and understand Canadian History, Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities, and what make this country great in such a short period of time.

Most of all, this learning and practice sessions will not only prepare us for the exam, but, to also understand what this country made of, for life in becoming new Citizen.


From Heather, United States of America

Good afternoon Citizenship Support,
Thank you so much for the service you provided. It was a valuable tool and helped me achieve the results I was hoping for. When I checked my mail there was a letter from the citizenship department informing me of the day to write the exam. I had 5 days to study. I found the Discover Canada study guide and went about reading and e-reading. I needed a way to have someone test my knowledge . I set out to find mock tests on the web. There are many to choose from, some are free others charge. I did the free ones till I had most memorized but knew I should do more. My reason for this is our English language, it's all in how we word it. Every test differed in the wording,even the actual test, which can confuse a person when you are dealing with dates, names etc. Your site is very user friendly and really helped me along the way to gain the confidence I needed. It was money well spent. Discover Canada is a great read and will be keeping it to refresh my memory once and awhile and to quiz my Canadian friends as well. Almost forgot, I passed with flying colors, 100%. My advice to all is study the guide, do as many tests as you can till your happy with your scores and you will be on your way to becoming a Canadian citizen.

Cheers, Heather

From Weam, Lebanon

Thank u guys,i passed my test today worth 18 out of 20 right,i bought ur book 3 days before the exam,and it was enough time to pass,..,thank u so much,it was worth the 29$...

From Brad, United States of America

Your program was outstanding. In working through the chapter and practice tests I felt totally prepared. I found that the questions you asked were even more in-depth than the actual exam and made the actual exam seem easy by comparison. I took my test this past week and got 100 percent. I felt totally confident going into the exam and I've retained much of what I studied. Thank you for an excellent program. It was well worth the investment and highly recommended.

From Dhirenkumar, India

We passed our test with help of Citizenshipsupport.ca.
My wife got 19 and myself got 18 out of 20.

From Javier, Argentina

We had the CIC test. The Canadian Citizenship support is awesome… We passed the Test easy. Thanks a lot
Javier and Family.

From Marimon, Philippines

Took my citizenship exam today and i got 19/20..
This website help me a lot in my preparation.
Questions here were a lot similar with the examination questions.
Waiting for my oath in 1-3mos time.
Once again, thank you from marimon….

From Julius, Philippines

I am glad to let you know guys that I've passed the exam yesterday.

I am a Filipino and fulltime worker, I have very little time to take notes
and try to read again the Discovery Canada magazine, but your timelines
and questions helped me to passed the exam.

I am encouraging to subscribe on this site coz every detail to you are
expecting to ask in the written exam are all here!

Better to lose a couple of bucks than to rewrite the exam again.

From Masoumeh, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I had my citizenship test yesterday morning and I passed it by full mark.Your test was great and a big help for me.Thank you.

From Alexandr, Russian Federation

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of my family , I thank you for this site.
Through this program, we were able to read, listen to the necessary
material , and find a lot of useful information about the history and
geography of Canada.
The site is available and easy to use. We have already recommended it to
our friends .

Thank you again .

Best regards,


From Satesh, India

Dear Citizenship Support,

I'm very glad I took your training. The reason why I'm telling this is because only yesterday I took my citizenship exam and I got 20 on 20. I was able to complete the exam in about 5 minutes time. Only two of us completed the exam in 5 minutes and I found that the other guy was
training with your website too.

The questions felt easy for me because I took the training the hard way with your package and it really worked for me. Your material made me memorize the book "Discover Canada" word by word without realizing that I'm
doing it. There lies your success.

I will readily recommend this training to all people I know who will take their exam eventually. I'm taking my oath soon and I owe my success to your effort and technique.

Thank you Citizenship Support Team.

Sathesh S.
Brampton, ON

From Jeanelle, Philippines

Just finish my test and I’m glad I choose your online training for the test, I just got 20/20..thank you and it’s all worth it.

From Yuliana, Colombia

Hi, I am very happy because I passed the exam 100%, and that thanks to the practice I did with CitizenshipSupport.ca. I also loved the timeline which helped me remember the important dates, very good idea, indeed I will keep it for future reference.
Thank you,
Yuliana from Colombia

From Elna, Philippines

i passed my test last Wednesday and I'm going to take my Oath. Citizenship Support.Ca Website is the best! For those who wants to pass their Citizenship test, you should try this Website site 100% you will pass your exam too it\'s Amazing! Thank you for the Citizenship Support.Ca more Power guys..
From, Elna Philippines,

From Nawar, Iraq

It’s an awesome website, it made the book of Discover Canada so easy to remember, I did the test and passed with 19 of 20 qs correct. Big thanks to citizenshipsupport.ca

From Najmul, India

It was an excellent experience. Me and my wife both got 100% correct on
our tests, and I would like to thank this website for its nonstop help.
After practicing several questions on this website we felt very confident
and prepared well for the test. So I would say that overall this website is
very helpful.

From Rodrigo, Philippines

Dear admin team,
I would like to thank you for your website and let you know that me and my wife passed citizenship test. Even I have very busy schedule still I passed the test. Because of my Job, as travelling cook and 3 days before the exam.
I never been read the discover Canada, but when I go through in your website is really remarkable for me because everything is in there. And for those who want to passed the Canadian citizenship test, this site is fit, for them just like me.
And I had only 3 days review by that time. Thank very much and I really appreciate it, well recommended this site.
Best regards,
Rodrigo P.

From Reaz, Bangladesh

First of all I would like to thank Admin – Citizenship Support Team. I had a remarkable knowledge with Citizenship Support's online training program! Its chapter by chapter tests were very comprehensive and reachable an exceptional way of practicing for the test in a paying attention mode and questions contain almost all material per chapters line by line as of book. Timeline section in this program is perfectly made to order for quick adjustment for endless facts. I got 20/20 on my test and my Citizenship Oath Ceremony 1st week March. Once again thank you so much Admin – Citizenship Support for organizing impressive beneficial online training program to pass Canadian Citizenship Exam. I already recommend this site (http://www.citizenshipsupport.ca) online training program to people who like to would pass their citizenship exam.

Reaz K.
CO - Bangladesh

From Desiree, Cuba

Thank you very much for your support.
I personally find the website excellent. The training is designed to help you to understand the history of Canada and at the same time to memorize all the dates and facts relevant to it. My score today (100) is thanks to this training. I will recommend the website to all the persons that need to study for the citizenship test.
Well done guys!
Desiree (originally Cuban, now Canadian as well)

From Gagan, India

Just finished my Citizenship Exam after practicing the questions on this website; I got prefect score.
Thanks CitizenshipSupport.ca

From Eukaris, Spain

Dear Citizenshipsupport.ca i just wanted to thank u so much for your website i just found it very useful for me i took my test today, i have got 20 out of 20. i will recommended your website to my friends. once again THANKS and God bless your team.

From Romina, Malta

Thank you Citizenship Support Team,
Your site provided great training for my citizenship test. Had my test yesterday and I got 19/20. I recommend this site to anyone preparing for the test. Well worth the $29.
Thanks again,
Romina from Malta

From Zaira, Georgia

I just past the exam got 95%! Thank you CitizenchipSupport.ca.

From Mayela, Spain

I really enjoyed my training with your program, I passed my exam with 20/20 100% 🙂
I would recommend this training program to as much people I can so I can help them to have a total success on the test. Your training program is awesome 🙂

From Thang, Vietnam

I and my wife passed citizenshiptest in Winnipeg, we are waiting to oak ceremony during in next 2 to 4 months now. I and my wife did your practice everyday, it is very good test practice and helped us to more understanding study guide after multiple time study on your test.
In my opinion I encourage every people, who are going to citizenship test using Citizensupport test for practice everyday. Again the more you practice and the more you success in real test.

From Lalaine, Bangladesh

Dear Citizenshipsupport.ca,
Thank you so much, your review really helped me passed the exam. Questions are almost identical .I took the test. I am very excited and patiently waiting for the oath taking, hopefully the letter will come soon this week.

From Liza, Russian Federation

I enjoyed my experience with the citizenship support training program. It helped me to organize and systemize all the information I read in a study guide. However, one feature that I liked the most is a detailed review of correct and incorrect answers with a link to the study guide page.
In addition to mastering the study guide, I would like to recommend this program as a very helpful tool when preparing for the citizenship test. It is a perfect way to test yourself and check what chapters you need to read one more time and what information you should focus on.
After going through the test two times I was confident and the real test seemed very easy.

From Merian, New Zealand

I applied for my Canadian Citizenship many years ago and due to the backlog they were experiencing my file took way longer than expected to get to the stage of finally writing my test. When I finally got my letter giving me notice of the date and time to attend for my test I had less than 10 days to study so as you can imagine was a little stressed about being confident in all the information (especially dates to know) from the Discover Canada document. I searched online one day to see if there were any practice tests to try and came across Citizenship Support.ca and signed up right away to get started on all the practice tests. I have a 3 month old daughter so I was limited in when I could study but to have the opportunity to listen to the study guide via audio when I was feeding her and then focus on the practice tests when she was sleeping was fantastic and the best $29 I have ever spent since I got 100% on my test that I just wrote this week. I encourage anyone whom is going to write their test in the near future to sign up to this website as it is a HUGE help in focusing your studying.

From Syeda, Pakistan

your program is so awesome ,my test was exactly same question which on your site ,I passed my exam and I am so happy ,Thanks for support

From Umar, Pakistan

I would simply say "Excellent " n took me 5 minutes to get 20 out of 20. I would strongly recommend this site for people who want to prepare for Citizenship Test. Once you go through this site thoroughly then this test is peace of cake.
Thank you very much for preparing such a useful site. I wish you all the best.

From Mitra, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Hi i passed my exam today this website help me alot thank you

From Liudmyla, Ukraine

Dear CitizenshipSupport.ca team,
Very pleased to inform you that I passed my test with 100% score. I was so well prepared thanks to your training program that the real test seemed to be a joke. Great program! Would definitely recommend it to my friends!

From Leticia, Moldova, Republic of

Thanks so much! I could no make it without you guys help, I got 20 of 20,my test was just perfect!!!!! now just waiting for the ceremony, I definitely recomend "citizenship support"

From Galina, Moldova, Republic of

Oh, yes, thank you very much, your online training was very helpful for me, special I didn't have so much time for study. I notice that questions include almost all material from book. Your site is excelent. I had my test on January 29 and I passed it. I'm so happy, thank you, thank you. I'll advise all my friends to use your site for training.
Best regards,
Galina P.

From Maria, Philippines

I registered with in 4 days of my test. I took it and I got 20/20 and even finished the test in less than 3 minutes. I have been spreading the word about how good and very helpful your website is. thank you for helping a lot of people to achieve their dream of being a Canadian. This will always be the best $29 that I have ever spend in my life. Thank you so much and God bless your team 🙂

From Emilia, Spain

I found the training extremely helpful. The fact that you could even listen to it anywhere and in any device made a big difference.
Doing the chapter tests and the general test was also very good. I did learn all the dates and details without any problems.
I just passed the test and I got 19/20. Brilliant!
Thank you.
Emilia Spain.

From Cherry, Philippines

Thank you for all your dedication just to create this websites to give us more confidence or prepare on the day of our test. Your chapter by chapter study and practice test it helped me understand the origin history of Canada. The simulation test are best idea to manage time the question and answer portion on the actual test. All question and answer are pretty close to the actual test, make sure you understand the question and know their answer before you look to a multiple choice answer below. Read the words correctly and understand it so you won’t get any second guess on your actual test answer. I took my test and got the result of 20/20. Thank you and Keep maintaining the websites up to dates… You give your customers a Happy smile on their face after taking their exam 🙂

From Robiya, Tajikistan

I would like to thank you for the online training program. I found the online training program extremely useful. I found it very useful when you get referred to the exact page in the Discover Canada after getting the wrong answers. That way I remembered more stuff.

I recommended this online training program to lots of friends and future applicants. This training program definitely helped me pass my exam (I got 20/20). I have learned so much about Canada through this training program.

After practicing this training program I guarantee anyone can pass the exam. It covers the entire Discover Canada which makes sure you do not miss anything at the exam. I have practiced until I scored 100% in most of the Chapters and Simulation Tests which boosted my confidence about the exam.

I do not think there is anything to improve in this training program. I really like the idea of being able to check my Test History. In fact it encouraged me to practice more and more until I got 100%. I also found it very useful to have the Timeline and Government sections separate, it definitely helped me a lot.

Finally, I never had a problem with the site itself, it was always working perfectly and the price is fair for such detailed training program.

Thank you once again.
Robiya (Central Asia)

From Adeysh, India

Thanks for the great info . just passed my test 20 /20. !!

From Vladimir, Russian Federation

All done. 3 minutes for the test. Score is 100%. Thank you for the very good training program!

From Abihudi, Kenya

If there was an amount well spent, it was the little amount I spent on this program. After reading the book discover Canada ..it was imperative to know the exact nature and format of the questions I was going to face...wow..I was pleasantly surprised when the officer told me that I got a perfect score. Thank you for the help. God bless

From Elaine, South Africa

Your online program worked great for me. I liked that there were all the questions after each chapter as well as the overview tests at the end. After returning from a vacation abroad and finding our notice to appear for our interview and test with only 2 days notice I was in a panic. But the online program with the summary of dates and government structure helped me to get through everything on time and I got 100% on my test. Money well spent. Thanks!
South Africa

From Bikram, India

Team citizenship test training program
You guys r doing owsome job.I just cleared my test.Got through eaisly.I must say the help I got from you guys did great in increasing the confidence and knowledge .
From India
Thanks again

From Auke & Mirjam, Netherlands

We were very overwhelmed with the info what is in the Discover Canada info book, so much info, when we found the training program from you we were very happy to have found it.

The practice test helped us tremendously with learning all about Canada and prepare yourselves for the fullest!!
We passed both, myself had 18 right from the 20 questions and my husband had 20 from the 20 right wow

Thank you so much to have this training program for people who love Canada and want to be come Canadian.!!

We as well enjoyed learning more about Canada’s history and I will continue reading more about it.

Thank you

Sincerely Auke & Mirjam immigrated from the Netherlands 18 years ago

From Christina, Nigeria

I took my test today and passed!! I HIGHLY recommend this online training course. I studied for only a week before my test, and if it had not been for the practice tests I’m not sure what would have happened lol.
Thanks a lot for offering this service!
P.s my parents also used this service and both passed!!!

From Hong, Vietnam

I passed my test 18/20. Thank you so much.

From Dalwinder, India

I have passed my test today. i got 20/20. i am so happy today. Thankeu so much .

From Duncan, Zimbabwe

All I can Say is Thank You, Thank You and Thank you a million times. My wife and I aced the Test today. The Exam was supper easy and of course your training program helped lots. Thank you people and stay blessed.

From Jason, Ireland

Took my Citizenship test today and Aced it. Your course is fantastic. I was 100% prepared and I owe it to you guys.. Thank you very very much. I would not hesitate to recommend your course . In fact I encourage anybody who is taking the test to invest in it.
Jason / Ireland

From Merlyn, Philippines

Best investment ever worth every penny just passed my exam. this site help me prepare for the exam. This site helped me a lot thank you so much…

From Ronald, Uganda

I would like to say that citizenshipsupport.ca helped me so much when I was preparing for my citizenship test, going through the questions makes it easy to understand discover Canada book. By the way I passed, keep it up am sure there are people like me out there who will need the same help.

From Angelina, Belgium

Hello support team,
Thank you for the great setup of your program. I found it very practical and easy to use, and the great variety of questions walked me through the complete citizenship preparation booklet with ease. I did get full score and have meanwhile become a proud Canadian!

From Corina, Romania

I passed the test 20/20. This site helped me a lot. I can’t imagine remembering all the dates and other significant information’s from the ‘Discovery Canada’ book without the amazing ‘Chapter Test’, and the 611 questions from the ‘Simulation Test’ – this test is pretty close to the real one…. Just reading the book is not enough. I found this site extremely useful, especially when the time is limited. The test is easy…if you learn well and follow the steps suggested by this site.
Congratulations for this site. Such a good job!
Happy Holidays!

From Aleksandra, Poland

Thank you for your help! I have passed my citizenship test last month. I got 20 /20. My citizenship oath will be next week. Your website is a perfect source to learn. I am proud to be Canadian.! One more time: Thank you sooooo much 🙂

From Leelia, Israel

I think it's an amazing web site and a very effective way to prepare oneself for the test. Works really well for me! Congratulations, great job!

From Yanet, Cuba

I was looking for some kind of test that helps me in the training to write the citizenship exam.

I knew that the citizenship test is a multiple choice exam and I was worried about it. I had had some experience with this type of exam I know that most of the time it is not about how knowledgeable you are in the subject or how much did you study for the exam. All the time it is also about if you know how to write this kind of exams; and that means if you have the training needed to answer this kind of questions.

I just used the Canadian Citizenship Test Training program for few hours as I just found out about it two days before my test day. I can tell that the training was very helpful for me; I passed the test and actually I found it easier to do because I was trained in how to answer those kinds of questions through this program.

I recommend a hundred percent this training program to anyone who wants to pass the citizenship test. I want to thank to the Canadian Citizenship Test Training support program for being there for everyone.

Happy New Year

From Ibrahim, Pakistan

thank u so much i pass my exam with full mark 20/20. No. 1 training thanks again

From Alfred, Taiwan

Dear Admin. Citizen Support team
I'm from Taiwan Me and wife we both pass the exam and we are grateful for the study guide this website provided.
For those who are English as a second language is preparing for the test I know how stressful it is but The “Key factor” to preparing for the test is not only to study The Q&A but also to understand what each “Chapter” is about and that what the citizenship support training kits kick in. The Q&A in each chapter phrases the chapter every detail you need to know once you understand it doesn’t matter how the test question is ask ? you will be able to answer it. As soon as you get the citizenship test guide don’t waste any time just go ahead and start practicing with Citizenship support online training. Early you start more confident you will have and better you are prepared for the test. Good Luck and all the Best.

From Larry, China

I passed my test with a full score (20/20) today. Thanks to the Citizenship support team. The extensive and intensive training programs are really helpful. They help you to understand every details chapter by chapter. I would say once you finish all the training sections, the test is a piece of cake.
Thank you!

From Oscar, Peru

The CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP PRACTICE TEST helped me to pass the citizenship test!! I am very happy and recommend it to people who want to pass the exam with a good score!!.

From Gunawan, Indonesia

took the test and passed with 90% mark, since they told me right a way. Soo Happy!! citizenshipsupport.ca helps me understand the book, since the book is so hard to digest. Recommend this site to all of my friends. thanks again!

From Shabnam, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Thank you for your attention to my test training program. It is my honor to inform you that I have passed my exam with good score.
My name is Shabnam and I come from Iran,Tehran
Warm Wishes.

From Viorica, Romania

Thank you very much for your help! Honestly I do not know if we could have done this without your help because we found out Thursday that we have the test the coming Saturday! Can you imagine the stress and panic we had knew that we have only one day to prepare. To make the story short like I said, thank you again for your enormous help, in so short time to be able to pass, and we applied already for the passport (we had the ceremony). Your good material structure, and almost similar questions helped us to pass with success. Thank you CitizenshipSupport, you are the best! Wish you all the best, and help more people on their journey to the citizenship!

From Julie, United Kingdom

I had only a short time to review and I found this website which was a god send, instead of having to read each chapter you can listen to it, which I found much better and easier. As well you can do chapter tests and simulation tests which I found was awesome. Well worth the money.

From Ery, Germany

Thanks a lot to this site it helps a lot i pass my test at score at 20/20 and oath ceremony coming. I highly recomended this site who those are seriously want to pass.

From Mustafe, Egypt

I’m really proud or this citizenship support which is help me to pass my test , so I would like to advice any one who want pass his test to take and purchase for this great website

From Farxaan, Somalia

Thank Dear Admin. Citizen Support team. Thank you very much for this extensive training program. I relay confident when i was writing test because this program its helps me so much, and i pass so i encouragement any one will write citizenship test to take this program.

From Jin Jia, China

Great Training Program, I passed my test 20/20, and I am now a Canadian Citizen.

From Sami, Jordan

Passed my citizenship test today with full mark.
Thanks a lot.

From Melissa, Philippines

Thank you for the training. I passed my citizenship test with an awesome marks. I highly recommend your website to all my friends and people. You are truly great.

From Joe, India

Myself and my wife passed the exam today. More than 95% of the questions were from this site. Thank you very much.

From Aftab, Pakistan

Hello Citizenship Support,
I am Aftab, I am Deaf also I am in Canada Ontario. Since I was taking first test for Citizenship and I was not passed it ... After I still get second chance and I am research on Internet and notice your program made me so interesting. Honestly it really worth to pay it because this really help me a lot, ideas about Canada, practice online and really so much information also it look like fun to learn too!
Now I am pass second test! I am very happy with it! Thank you so much!

From Marcela, Philippines

Wow! I just want to express my thanks to this program because it helps me a lot. I just took my exam yesterday and I got the score 20/20. More power to this program………..

From Eun, Korea, Republic of

I love this website. I will recommand defenitly to other people who prepare test.

From Ulrike, Germany

Thank you very much but I passed the actual test today with 19 out of 20 right answers. Probably the best result of the day! Thank you so much. Wouldn't have been possible without your help. The $ 30.00 are well worth it.
Best regards

From Liviu, Romania

My name is Liviu ,country of origin is Romania, the mark in my recent citizenship test was 100% (20 of 20) after strong online training with citizenshipsupport.ca. Thank you for the excellent training program, I think the result it's says everything.

From Gloria, Colombia

I like the way I can study. My English is not good, but this training has been very positive for me. Listening and reading have not only helped improve my knowledge, also to study a little the pronunciation of some words. I like the way to separate chapters because I can make a plan for every day, so I have something different to learn and and the end I can try my test over and over.

From Daphne, Haiti

Well I really enjoy the training on your website. I have to admit the test was very very EASY. I learned so much about canada through your website and courses. I passed the test with perfect score, and the officer told me she is tranferred the file to the judge for approval. Thanks Again!

From Nitesh, Fiji

Its great helps nearly 100% with the original exam. I would suggest this study guide to all.

From Natalia, Israel

great training program. I had my exam today and I've got 20 over 20.

From Prabal, India

I prepared for my test in a week from the study guide and a day before my official test date, i found this website and signed up for it. I have passed my test with a brilliant mark and I am here to call that the preparation I did in one night and a half day was more useful and worth it compared to one week of reading the study guide. Thank You 😀

From Syed, Pakistan

Thanks to ask for feedback. I also thank you because my wife passed citizenship test today. I subscribed your program for my wife. My wife found your questions standard and can be relied on them for test preparation. She corrected 19 out of 20 questions, result was announced just after test and her ceremony will be held in a week. I and my wife appreciate your effort to start this nice Citizenship Test Preparation Program.

From Anil, India

I only started studying a week before my exam. The tool is very helpful and easy to remember. The practice questions helps a lot to review important details. I did the all the chapter tests at least once and I practiced the simulation tests around 3 times. And voila, I passed my exam. Thanks a lot citizenship support. I woluld really recommend this site 100%. So to all who will take the citizenship exam dont hesitate to register, its a very good amd efficient study tool.

From Zeinab, Lebanon

Awesome website ,Thank you so much i passed my exam today :):):)

From Aldrin, Philippines

Hi CitizenshipSupport Team,
Your training program is very helpful. Good thing your site exist!. It's very supportive even if you only have 1 (full) day to review the study guide and practice the online exam. With your program I don't need to memorize much dates and names too. The answers to your practice questions is enough for me to remember and understand important names and dates for the test. Many Thanks!

From Flora, India

its amazing site.i prepare from this site and got 20 out of 20 absolutely correct and passed my citizenship test. i recommended this site very strongly if you wanna be pass out in very first attempt because its designed that way if you study accordingly you are 100 sure pass out………..good luck.

From Ksandhu, India

Hi There,
I am very happy this website helped me a lot.
Thank you

From Petra, Germany

I passed my citizenship test without any mistakes. I've been very happy and proud of myself but also thankful. I've practised a lot but shortly before the test I still decided to purchase your excercise program and it was great. I've been surprised that some sections were still not memorized very well but others, where I had thought I'm still lacking knowledge, turned out good.
I really liked that it reduced down to questions that weren't answered correctly. That saved a lot of time. I will recommend it to anyone I know and tell them not to wait to the last minute like I did. It could save a lot of time and it's fun as well.
Thanks a lot for this offer!
Kind regards,

From Laarni, Philippines

I’m Canadian now! Just passed my exam today 20/20… this site and my dedication to learn about Canada really helped a lot! I definitely recommend this program…

From Jane, Philippines

i just passes my citizenship test today!! I love Canada!!

From Andrea, Colombia

really thank you very much this program if it is a good investment. Present my test and pass with 95% of 20 questions 19 were correct. I’m very happy. now I have my citizenship. I really recommend this very complete.

From Kimberly, United States of America

I took my test today and scored 100%. I am very pleased with the training. I felt prepared and confident going in to take my exam because of your training program. Well worth the price. Kimberly / USA

From Diego, Colombia

I had my test last Wednesday and everything went very good. Thanks a lot for all the help, the simulation tests are an amazing tool for studying for the test. Everything you need to know for the test is in your website, keep the good work!

From Helen, United Kingdom

Hi Citizenship Support
We passed our Citizenship test today, with flying colours ! We found the programme an excellent learning resource, the course covered everything in the test. It really prepared us for the test, it was well worth paying for !
Thank you

From Tareq, Bangladesh

I think this training from citizenshipsupport.ca is definitely worth it. I tried as well the free practice tests out there, such as the Library of Toronto or Richmond, but citizenshipsupport.ca offers much more, and I find the price very reasonable anyway.

From Merry, Philippines

Came across your site while doing a search for tips on passing the citizenship test. I had 2 days to study for mine so I paid the $29 fee and used your audio chapters, Discover Canada timeline and simulation test app. Thanks to you, I passed 85% this morning!
Great service (and business idea!) Well done!

From Ahmed, Egypt

Thanks a lot for this website. It is the best online training resource for Canadian citizenship exam. I finished the exam today in 2 minutes and finished all of them correctly from the first time. Thanks once again and wish everyone all the best.

From Elizabeth, Colombia

Thank you very much for your support. I passed the test 18/20.

From Eugene, Moldova, Republic of

Dear Citizenship Support – I just want to thank you so much! I had my test Sept 10th and passed it successfully.
I will definitely recommend your website to my friends…

From Victoria, Israel

Thank you to all of you to create this website to help people to practice the test.Me and my husband past the test today 20/20,16/20.
CitizenshipSupport.ca – You guys are doing a wonderful job in terms of content and the overall experience of building up a candidate’s seriousness for the Canadian Citizenship test. I wish you and all the candidates who subscribe to your website the very best.Will very recommend your website to my friends..

From Joanne, United Kingdom

Thank you so much! I got 100% on my test today in 5 minutes with only 4 days to study!

From Raquel, Brazil

I am very glad that I found your website! I only had 2 days for study before my test! I made the program and I passed with 100% score! I was done in just 5 minutes! The questions after each chapter helps memorize the subjet. They are pretty similar to the citizenship test, give an idea what to expect in the day of the test.
Thank you!

From Loveneet, India

hello, your website is very much helpful for citizenship test preparation. i gave my test and passed my test. thanx very much. i will recommend this site to my friends also.

From Heather, Canada

Dear Citizenship Support, I am so glad that I found this you!
I had 10 days to prepare and the official study guide was a bit daunting. The content and structure of the training you provided was perfect for breaking it down into things I could remember. I took my exam on August 30th, finished in 2 minutes, got 100%, and I do not believe I could have done this without you.

From Rosalyn, Philippines

I would like to thank you the citizenship support I took my test last Tuesday at 8:33am. I finished for 7 minutes only then I had my interviewed right away according to the lady”she said,wow,you almost got a perfect score in your citizenship test”then at 2 pm I had my Canadian ceremony same day..Once again thank you very very much ADMIN.God Bless you guys!

From Hussain, Canada

Thank you for this lovely website, it was amazing and it helped me succeed on the citizenship test. Much thanks and a great job.

From Jaime, El Salvador

This site was not only great in helping me know and understand more about Canada, but it also prepared me extremely well for the citizenship test which I finished in 7 minutes and got all the answers correct. I am not saying that you will get the same results, for I put a lot of effort reading the material, listening the audios (to better pronounce those words I am not familiar with), and writing all the exams in the site (the chapters ones, and all the questions for the simulation... more than 600!). However, I am completely sure that I would have not finished the test so quickly and 100% correct without the excellent assistance of this website; it is worth the money. Therefore, I am sure it will help you too, and I totally recommend it.
I really appreciate your help. GOD bless you, and keep doing a great job and helping your clients.

From Erning, China

it is good, I just study 1 week at night time about 1hour per day. I have passed citizen test today. Thanks your guys.

From Ana, Venezuela

The training was very helpful. I made 100%. I was feeling confident because I went through all the chapters and the final quiz as well. This training is really worth! I already recommended it to my friends and co-workers.

From Yana, Canada

I am really very grateful to this program. I have passed the exam successfully. This program is extremely helpful, it focuses the attention on particular things that have to be memorized. Otherwise just reading the study guide, even though you have no difficulties with the language itself, it is impossible to extract all the important things you have to remember. And it is even fun to go through the chapter tests and seeing your results. Thank you SO much !

From Ritzel, Philippines

I only started studying a week before my exam. The tool is very helpful and easy to remember. The practice questions helps a lot to review important details. I did the all the chapter tests at least once and I practiced the simulation tests around 3 times. And voila, I passed my exam. Thanks a lot citizenship support. I woluld really recommend this site 100%. So to all who will take the citizenship exam dont hesitate to register, its a very good amd efficient study tool. Bon succès

From Justice, Iraq

I did my test today I passed 20 out of 20
Thannnnks to everyone…this site is epic

From Anna, Canada

Dear citizenship support there is no words to describe how thankful i am with your website, it was very helpful to me, i wrote my citizenship test and i passed. now i’m waiting for my ceremony, it will be soon, i already recommend your website to my friends. once again thanks so much. Gob bless you guys.

From Namrata, India

Thanx much to CitizenshipSupport.ca. I did my test just in couple of minutes.

From Abdurrazaq , Canada

Thank you Citizenship Support i have successfully passed my Canadian citizenship test today. i really appreciate for the website and your hard working dedication.

From Amandeep, India

Dear Sir.
It is an excellent material to prepare. I am doing very well and its really good. I am confident now to clear my citizenship test.

From Hina, India

Hi dear this is really helpful and i did my test with this and i am pass thank you for your online training program thank you very much and its help full

From Daniela, Romania

I found the tests very helpful, I recommend them to everyone. I did the tests twice and I finished the citizenship test in less than 10 minutes. My husband did the same.

From Ashita, India

My husband used your website and successfully passed his citizenship test last year and recommended it to me. I passed the test today with 95%. I have used your website only for preparation. Many thanks! I found the simulation tests extremely helpful. The timeline and Govt sheets are great inputs. You guys are doing a great job! I have recommended your website to about six ladies today.

From Maria, Russian Federation

Hi, I passed the test! This program works great! I enjoy studying! I will recommend this program to my friends! Thanks, Maria.

From Romer, Canada

i recommend thisprogram to anybody who are willing to pass the exam! I only have 2 days to review and yet i passed the exam because the questionaire are bang on! It is worth what you paid for!!!!

From Alia, Russia

Thank you a lot for help. I passed my test. I will recommend you to everyone, who wants to pass the test.
All the best,

From Angel, Canada

I took my test on July 25. I passed the test considering I only purchased your program few days before my test and I only had a week to review when I got my notice by mail. Thank you very much for your simulation test, it was really a great help!!! Worth every penny!

From Jason, Vietnam

I just took a Canadian Citizenship Test. Thanks to you .. I passed the test.

From Jass, India

From jass,
Thanks so much I passed my test. Your site is really helpfull to pass citizenship test.

From Alexey, Canada

Hi Guys,
The program is very good. The only thing I could suggest is to change nothing. No need to amend something which is already perfect.
Best regards,

From Elvir D., Canada

I am very pleased with my training and your test (questions) everything is ok. Thanks

From Mangaleswary , India

Dear, citizenshipsupport.ca , Thanks for the all the help and great training, I wrote the test today, and I passed, so happy with out your training I don’t think I would pass, easy to study , all the questions were similar to the Citizenship support training questions. I highly recommend this program, thanks again..

From Tariq, Canada

Dear admin team,
I would like to thank you for your web site and let you know that me and my family passed citizenship test. The pattern and the style of the questions were the same as it as in your website. I will recommend your site to my friends for sure.

From Adrian, Romania

Hi there,we just passed the test today. If you take it seriously enough you can’t have any problem. Reading carefully the “Discover Canada” Study Guide and going trough this program you’re gonna pass the test for sure. Very useful. Worth every penny. Thanks
Good luck to you all

From Arash, Canada

Dear admin team,
I would like to thank you for your web site and let you know that I passed my test thanks to you. I will recommend your site to my friends for sure.

From Mohamed, Somalia

Hello my name is Mohamed from Ottawa Ontario! I did the test this morning, and i finished less than 10 minutes all the 20 questions! All the questions were from this training material, your programme was so helpful and worth it. Thanks you guys!!!!

From Hossein, Canada

thank u your website its veree good i peractes in 2 week and after i have test and iam pass the test tank u so mach.

From Rostyslav, Canada

Dear The CitizenshipSupport.ca team,
Thank you very much for your good job.
Your practice test was very helpful. I did all questions 3 times, so I was prepared to citizenship exam very well and passed it with confidence. I recommended, recommend and definitely will recommend your site for people who in future will have this exam. Greatly appreciate and the best wishes to The CitizenshipSupport.ca team!

From Angel, Philippines

I find this program was very helpful and useful, Very straight forward and easy to understand, I surely recommend this online training.
Best regards,

From Tamer, Egypt

I had the test last week and I was able to finish the 20 questions correctly in just 2 minutes 🙂 Your online training was very helpful. Most of the questions if not all of them were included in your online training questions.. I would never hesitate to recommended your site to anyone who is taking the test soon. Thank you so much for all your great work 🙂

From Parminder, India

Dear Admin,
It was nice to study citizenship support online training.I cleared my exam as the training has similar questions required for the exam. The training provided detailed material for most of the topics. Thank you so much.

From Sushma, Canada

Dear Admin. Citizen Support team
Thank you very much for this extensive training program. I find it very beneficial especially when time is scarce. On the whole each question is based on all the important sentences from the text and thus given me an idea when I am not able to grasp. Thank you once again.

From Rowena, Canada

Dear CitizenshipSupport team,
First of all I would like to thank your team for creating this training program that help immigrants like me to pass the citizenship test and I am so grateful that I found this site. I took my Citizenship test on May 09 and your program helped me a lot. I am 100% sure that I passed the test and now I am waiting for my oath taking. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
Best regards,

From Evelyn, Canada

Three months before my test, I memorized the apnatoronto free test and Richmond Library free test. However, I found out three days before the test, that those free questions test are not the same as the latest citizenship book. Very fortunate that I found this website that covers all the possible questions test from the book. Then I took three days to memorized 612 questions, but I can't really memorized all those history time line in such a short time. During the test day, I am the third person who finish the test in 15 minutes. I will strongly recommended to everyone who are going to take the test. Awesome website, $30 is worth the price.
Please don't waste your time and get it as soon as possible.

From Rahul, Canada

We have cleared our test. We must say that your website was very helpful and it covered all chapters in detailed which one would miss just reading book. After going thru your chapter test and stimulation test we really had good confidence for our citizenship test. Please convey our thanks to your team for carrying out excellent work.. We will definately suggest to our freinds who are going to appear for citizenship test.

From Alena, Russia

I want to say thank you for your programme. I passed my test! This programme was very useful for me. Thank you very much.

From Sunil, Canada

Its useful website it helped me a lot and its understandable.
Thank you

From Wayne, China

Dear Citizenshipsupport.ca,
How I appreciate for your excellent web site and the training program.
I have taken the Canadian citizenship test, and get 20 out of 20, 100% correct, and now I got the oath letter. I am so happy to tell you the news.
Appreciate for your hard work, teachers.

From Subhasish, India

It was a great help thanks to the team, was very easy to learn.

From Maryam, Canada

This website is excellent source for practice.. The questions are very similar to real exam test. They make it easy to learn…
Very satisfied 🙂

From Girish, India

I am greatly thankful to you to help me prepare the test. I had though done several readings of the Citizenship guide before registering but your questions helped me become rock solid in terms of the preparation. I was confident because I remembered all the years 'thanks to the amazing chronological section'.
I am sure I did 100% correct in the test (CIC office did not disclose the results). Waiting now for the next step 🙂
Thanks again!

From Jadab, Canada

We passed the citizenship test. The study materials are really helpful.

From Tatyana, Moldova, Republic of

Thank you so much for your help!
I got my letter about test 10 days before test. Besides that I had another exam for my University, so when I'll get to my citizenship test I had 2 days only to prepare! I googled your website and I decide for me it's the best way to study. So I had 2 full days to prepare! When I got sample test done I had 40%, but after 2 times go trougth ALL 600 questions, my score was 95% - 100% all the time. It took me 5 minutes on test to complite it, and they give you 30 minutes!
So I am really really happy I bought membership for your website 🙂
Thanks again,
Best regards,

From Sharen, Philippines

Yes! I took my test, got the result and I passed! I am very happy with your great service! Your tools really helped me everything, i can easily memorize all of it! Thank you so much again! Best power! Also your questions were very similar to the exact exam. It was awesome ! I finished my exam in 15 mins! The money was worth it! Without your tool i dont know how i can memorize everything in the book

From Vicletts, Canada

Thank you I passed my exam so easy for me because of you study guide 🙂 My oath on march 28.

From Jane, Venezuela

hello i would like to say thank you . i passed my test! the test i am very confident i know 100% of the test so amazing . your chapter test and stimulation test so amazing so easy to study ....ready for my oath next week.... thank you again . i'm gonna share you website to all my friends $29 is nothing 🙂

From Lavinia, Malaysia

I want to say thank you for your service it was well worth it. I sat for my exam and I received a letter yesterday requesting my presence to take the oath. If it wasn't for your website I don't think I would have been prepared....thank you again!!

From Llir, Canada

thank you so much i pass the exam.

From shahla, Canada

Hi There, this is shahla,
I want say thank you for your online test program .It is very good for my husband and i ,because we could'nt read the book very well .When we read chapter test now we can understand the book.
Thank you so much.

From Sarmad, Canada

Hi Sir/Madam,
I just did my citizenship test and I can proudly say that your site guys is the best. I will be more than glad to inform my friends who are going to do their citizenship test about it. Even that I haven't received my results yet , I can say you guys are the best.

From Nadejda, Canada

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to provide you with a feedback.

Overall I am completely satisfied with the simplicity of the website and how
absolutely thorough the questions are in relation to the chapters.

I am very busy with shift work and a little 11month old running around without
stopping for a breath...so I truly needed your help, and got it.

Even though I barely finished the last chapter test and never got to the final exam
test trial on your website, I passed my test with flying colors.
I gave it all I had and the support I received with your chapter tests gave me everything
I needed to help remember what I've read.

Studying without practice tests is near impossible, only so much can a human mind hold!

Great website, fair cost, very relatable style questions to the real test and so simple to use.

Thank you thank you thank you, can't stress that enough.

From Adonis, Philippines

I had my test yesterday. Majority of the questions are similar to the questions in your simulation test. The test was easy for me, a "piece of cake" so to speak. Thanks for the online training in your website. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much!

From Rufat, Canada

Great Job CitizenshipSupport.ca team,
I would recommend your service to any candidate for a test. It helped me pass my exam and walk out from my test within 15 min. I like the structure of your material. If one goes through your course based on your recipe there's no way one can fail.
Thank you again.

From Elisabeth, Germany

Dear Citizenshipsupport.ca team,
today I wrote my citizenship test and I'm very confident that everything went well. I received the Study Guide already last summer, started to read it, but always delayed studying. Two weeks ago I received my appointment for the test and felt overwhelmed in the beginning. I clearly needed some help and found your online training program. I worked my way through the Guide, took notes and did the chapter tests, as recommended. To be able to find the exact page and read through the original text, when I made mistakes, was very timesaving and helpful.
I enjoyed your online training program and would recommend it to everyone who has to write the test, especially for people like me, who don't have a lot of time left to prepare for it.
Thank you very much,

From Mariam, Canada

Dear Citizenshipsupport.ca,
This was the best online website for prep for the citizenship test. I pass my citizenship test. I tell my all community people just register citizenshipsuppot.ca.
Thank you so much for helping me become a Canadian.

From Lesley, United Kingdom

Thanks for having such a straight forward easy to use program. I did all the training in three weeks. I can't deny I was a little overwhelmed to begin with as there are so many dates you have to learn but it's well worth it. I passed the test a couple of weeks ago.I'm sure the preparation I had with Canadian citizenship support was the reason the test seemed relatively easy!

From Stephen, United Kingdom

Dear Citizenshipsupport.ca
Thank you for providing a professional service during a very important time. I will gladly be recommending your services to anyone else I hear has applied for Canadian Citizenship.
Yours Faithfully

From Shahpar, Canada

I enjoy reading and answering the questions and practicing again and again .Thank you so much for preparing these questions.

From Eha, Canada

Dear Team,
Thank you so much for such a informative notes.Only two days were there to prepare myself for citizenship exam , and nothing can do the best than this site. I am very happy as i did my exam 100 waiting for the result.

From Sara, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

This was the best on line website for prep for the Citizenship test. It was very thorough and detailed.
*~ Sara *

From Cristinel, Canada

Dear Team,
I would like to say thank you for your materials and good communication. For me was very helpful because I could read, listen and fix the information step by step, chapter by chapter. Also, the simulation test has the questions from all chapters.Thank you so much!

From Sushma, Canada

Dear Admin. Citizen Support team. Thank you very much for this extensive training program. I find it very beneficial especially when time is scarce. On the whole each question is based on all the important sentences form the text and thus given me an idea when I am not able to grasp. Thank you once again.

From Mr Shah, India

Your site is amazing ! I like too much. I tell my all comunity people just register citizenshipsupport.ca and wait for your 100% possitive result.

From Cristina, Philippines

The online citizenship training program is a fantastic way for new Canadians as well as existing citizens to learn all about Canada. I have learned so much about my new country and I love Canada even more than before i started. What a history we have! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to come to Canada and then to learn how it works and who the important people are plus all of the rich traditions that I have made part of my family's and my life. Thank you so much for helping me become a Canadian.

From Rachel, Canada

I found your training to be very useful. I used your questions to make study cards from. Then I would study these cards and then take a chapter test on them. Before I went in for my test I was getting at least 95% on the tests and could finish the test in about 3-4 minutes. It was well worth the money I spent on the program. I have suggested this program to my sister and a friend of mine who are applying for citizenship as well.

From Robert, Canada

Good Afternoon, Well I took the test and got 100%, and the interview after went really good and all I have to do now is wait for my
Citizenship Certificate and Ceremony... Hooraah. I bought your program and studied like your instructions said to do chapter
by chapter, 2 hours a night until the night before, it worked great and was easy to use! Especially the chapter tests and being able to reset them, I had 30 minutes for the test and finished in 6 minutes! 3 or 4 people were studying right before the test time and never finished the test, some people looked pretty sad, several others took the whole time. others were faster than my 6 min. But I never got to talk to them to see how they studied for the test. Your program was of great value to me! Cheers!

From Janice, Philippines

This citizenship support website is a big help to us. We can easily remember what we studied and through the tests, we can remember everything we have read. More power to this website!

From Eric, Philippines

The training program was excellent. I wrote my citizenship test and it was easy, I beleived that I got perfect score. Thanks to your program, I strongly recommend it.

From Lina, Canada

I really want to thank you because it helped me a lot and I find it so easy , I recommend this website to everybody wants to pass the citizenship test.

From Josephine, United Republic of Tanzania

The training program is very thorough, it covers every aspect of the citizenship guide and therefore the citizenship test. The Timeline part makes it easy to remember the important historical dates. When you do the trial tests it is great that you can check the correct answers from directly where they are placed in the citizenship guide. For a busy working mother like myself with no time it was a life saver to be able to access the program from a computer anywhere or my phone during work breaks. I was afraid it would not be worth the money because I was given short notice just a week to appear for the test, but it exceeded my expectations for sure. I recommend this program 100%.

From Yasmine, Egypt

Hi, you have a really good program that I think everyone taking the test should take. The website was clear to navigate through, and the fact that each chapter had its own thorough test was an asset. Your test questions were good, and you tested the information I knew by posing the question in more than one way, so it forced me to be accurate with the information I was learning. I don't think I would have performed as well as I did had it not been for your online program.

If anything, I thought some of the test questions were even trickier than the ones you had in your program, but in general the majority of questions were pretty much in line with the ones you had.


From Mariam, Canada

hi i like ur site.this is best site i am enjoy a lot to use this website i am sure that i can pass my citizenship test.thank you

From Thin Lien, Vietnam

Hello. your program is very helpful.i really like it.before i haven't known this program,i was so tired with my book.i did not remember anything.the book is to difficult for me to remember. when i have found your training program, i feel more comfortable.it helps me remember my book easier ,.i hope i could pass my future test .i would tell everyone about your training program.thanks

From Maria, Colombia

Dear CitizenshipSupport.ca team, before I started my own training with you, I recommended your page to many of my friends, even to my daughter. After they tried the free exercises they loved it as I did. However, I was not ready to start my own, until I received the letter from immigration to take my test so, it was time for mi to try my own training with you.
Although, I had red my study guide and try a lot of exercises from different pages from the internet I thought the CitizenshipSupport.ca page has a lot of question that I have never seen before. Once I started your training program I was really thankful because I learn a lot. I think I learn the study guide thoroughly. By the time of my test I was very confident, after that I was pretty sure that I made one mistake. Today I am sure that I passed my test because next week if God willing I will take the oath.Your page really work, THANK YOU indeed. A MIS AMIGOS LATINOS LES RECOMIENDO ESTA PAGINA, REALMENTE VALE LA PENA

From Regina, Russian Federation

Thank you, guys, for your support, I believe I passed the test 100%. After my training using your program the actual test seemed very easy, I knew answers to all the questions.

From Paul, Canada

Thanks for the excellent site and content, it really helps focus on the material.

From Tatyana, Russian Federation

Thank you very much! After almost two weeks everyday training- the real test seemed to be unbelievably easy! Thanks again

From Jamilya, Canada

Thanks for the wonderful online training course! It really helped me and my husband a lot in prepping for the actual test, the questions on real test were similar to the questions from simulation test. I recommend your website to everyone!

From Louis, Canada

I've found your online training program to be really effective in getting ready for my citizen test. Everything is right there and with the multiple choice format in the chapter test I'm able to learn and review effortlessly. No need to go make my own notes. I would recommend this program to anyone preparing for the test.

From David Doan, Vietnam

Hello ,This is from david doan . I Really like your chapter tests. It makes me memorize the book much better . Thanks so much . I love your website .

From Ayaskant, Canada

I would like to thank CitizenshipSupport.ca for their endeavor in helping prospective citizens of Canada. I subscribed to citizenshipsupport.ca about a couple of weeks before my test date. I took their advice seriously and studied individual chapters before taking the chapter tests. After gaining confidence, I started taking the simulation tests. I took the simulation tests in a phased manner and completed all the tests the day before my citizenship test with a *Simulation Tests Average score of 95%.* I was stressed due to all the practice and study in the couple of weeks before the exams. However, when I got my question paper, I completed 19 out of the 20 questions in seven minutes and took a chance on the trick question. There were three to four questions which were completely new. However, I am confident that I will crack the test.

Thank you “Team CitizenshipSupport.ca". I am happy that I subscribed and feel that my money was invested on myself, not spent. You guys are doing a wonderful job in terms of content and the overall experience of building up a candidate's seriousness for the Canadian Citizenship test. I wish you and all the candidates who subscribe to your website the very best.

From Sami Tayanc, Turkey

I have signed on citizenshipsupport.ca a month before my exam and follow the chapters as I study and finishing the tests couple of times. Simulation tests make real sense especially after you get used to the chapter test question order. I would recommend anyone who is studying for the exam. In my experience,almost half of the questions were date and person specific. As studying time differs from person to person, I can easily say this tool is efficient,to the point and available on any online platform to reach

From Mony, Bangladesh

I like your Training Program, this is very usefull and help-full for me,thanks you very much, i really appreaciate this program.

From Paandu, India

Greetings. Your training program helped me focus and memorize the book Discover Canada. I did not want to study on my own. I passed my test a few days ago and a lot of questions were like the ones in your program. I will recommend it.

From Dan, Canada

The mock tests on your website are terrific and are greatly beneficial.

From Hulya, Turkey

It is really wonderful. I hope I will pass the exam with the help of your support program.Thank you.

From Tamer, Egypt

I was amazed by your quick response time to upgrade your system to include a chapter reset.
Thanks for your quick response.

From Hristo, Bulgaria

The site was very helpful for the test preparation. The real test is similar to the tests we found in the site.

From Joyce, Canada

From the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank you for putting together all the citizenship questions in your website. Your website was very helpful in my exam, all the questions asked in the exam, were answered in your website!!. I have passed the exam and have been invited to take the Oath of Citizenship. I especially appreciate your offer to re-register me once again in your site, so that I can practice more questions. I will recommend this website to any new immigrant who wants to do their Citizenship exams.

From Sergey, Russian Federation

Thank you for your assistance in taking one of the most important steps in my life and in the lives of my family - the citizenship exam and accepting Canadian citizenship. With the Simulation test that you have provided, it seams easier to memorize and to answer questions to the topics from "Discover Canada" booklet. It is very helpful because it also gives an idea of what may be expected during the citizenship exam. I appreciate your work, and I hope it will help me pass my exam.

From Walid, Lebanon

Well actually your website is very helpful. Lots of practice in an organized manner. So in my opinion together the book I mean Discover Canada and your website should be more than enough to make one pass the test provided they are went through in full.

From Imran, Pakistan

Just wanted to drop a thank you note to your whole team. Good job on putting all this together.
Really helped me focus and practice for the test. Will definitely recommend to friends. Keep up the good work!!

From Chloe, France

Super site! Bravo!

From Lukkhana, Canada

Thank you to all of you to create this website to help people to practice the test. I would say if i didn't practice with your questions i could not pass the Canadian citizenship test easily. So I would highly recommend people to buy these tests, they are worth money and safe your time. Thank you very much - your team do a great job.

From Jean, France

I think this training from citizenshipsupport.ca is definitely worth it. I tried as well the free practice tests out there, such as the Library of Toronto or Richmond, but citizenshipsupport.ca offers much more, and I find the price very reasonable anyway.

From Bayani, Philippines

This is my review for citizenshipsupport.ca. I liked the training program very much. It is fun and very easy to use. It helped me feel more prepared for my test. I recommend it.

From Bashir, Pakistan

I just took my Canadian citizenship test! The questions on this website were much like the questions on the real test. I knew all the answers. Thank you for the training!

From Mark, England

This training program was fun to use, while making me learn Discover Canada thoroughly. I actually used their smartphone mobile version a lot and I loved it. I highly recommend it! Cheers

From Chung, China

I was worried about the test, there is so much to learn, but citizinshipsupport.ca helped me with learning the content of the book, and with getting used to the format of the test, i feel much more prepared now.

From Vijay, India

I am very happy with my training, it was very useful for me. It was easy to use and very much worth the 29 dollars.

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  1. Thank you so much for this online study guide for citezenship its really worth it the money, just passed my test got 18/20 just only 3days of study:) tip for the study make sure read the chapter before u take the practice question.

    1. Hi Esppie,
      Thank you for taking the time to give us a review! We are so happy that you found our program helpful in your test preparation. Thank you for sharing your study tip! We wish you all the best!

  2. I used this to study for my citizenship test. Helped me a lot. I always suggest this website to anyone I know who is going to take the test.

    1. Thank you Doug for the great review! We are happy that you found our program helpful with your test preparation. Thank you for recommending us!

  3. Thank you for your team! Indeed me and my wife passed the exam I got 18/20 my wife got 20/20 . I highly recommend your site for my friends who are taking exam too.God bless you all.

    1. Thank you Jude and Karen for the lovely review! We appreciate you recommending us. Above all.. Congratulations on passing your test!

  4. Thanks to your team me and my wife passed the exam today my wife got 20/20, and I got 18/20 I highly recommend your site for my friends who is preparing their exam too.God Bless you guys!!!

  5. Thank you CitizenshipSupport.ca !.I just passed my test on August 17/2023 with score 19/20. This website is very helpful and I recommend anyone.I’m going to give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    1. Wow! Thank you for the 5 star review! We are delighted to hear that our program was so helpful in your test preparation! Congratulations on passing your test with flying colors! We wish you all the best.

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