New Canadian Citizenship test: what you should know

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The new Canadian citizenship test is much harder

Failure rates have soared up to 30% since a new Canadian citizenship test was introduced in March last year. Under the old test, failure rates ranged between 4% and 8%. A big difference that drove officials to introduce a reworked test in October last year, helping to cut the national failure rate to about 20 per cent, still far higher than historic levels.

The new Canadian citizenship test is based on a 63-page study guide Discover Canada, replacing a much slimmer volume dating from 1995. Applicants have now much more facts to memorize. Also the questions are shuffled more often to avoid any cheating, and the pass-mark for the new test was increased to seventy-five per cent from the original sixty per cent.

This citizenship test study guide contains much more information than the previous one and gives immigrants a better picture of Canada’s history, culture, law and politics. It also gives a much better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen, as well as the values and institutions rooted in Canada’s history. The new guide has a lot of dates and facts to memorize, which can be a little bit daunting at first.

The study guide also presents new information on Canada that the previous guide did not contain. Canadian values, for example, are much more emphasized in this new edition. Freedom, human rights, democracy, and equality of genders just to name a few, are clearly explained. Canada’s native roots take an important place in this new study guide, and the different native communities across the country are well portrayed.

The format of the test itself has not changed (20 multiple choice questions to answer in 30 minutes). You can still correct your answers within the time limit, since you will be using a pencil. And you still cannot bring the study guide with you for the test. You will be left alone (along with hundreds of other applicants in the same room) with your memory. The previous mandatory questions system has been removed, but applicants still have to obtain a score of 75% or more (of correctly answered questions) in order to pass the test.

This new Canadian citizenship test is more difficult than the old one, but there is no reason to be discouraged. Learn more about our Canadian citizenship Practice test program. We have been helping a lot of people pass their test.

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  1. Ali says:

    Canadian citizenship test thanks.

  2. Tae Su Ryu says:

    Canadian citizenship test thank you

  3. Ron says:

    Just take serious time to study and you will pass the test..CIC staff are so nice & professional at VanBC office.thanks CIC

  4. JCVD says:

    I passed this test last week, i got 20/20 ive read the book only twice…..only an idiot would fail this test

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