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Canadian Citizenship Test: best tips from people who have passed it

Canadian citizenship test
If you are sick with worry about taking the Canadian Citizenship Test, then you are not the only one. Most people suffer from some level of exam anxiety. But anxiety levels soar sky high when it comes to taking the citizenship test. This is perhaps the most important test a person can take in their

Two very important changes affecting the Canadian citizenship test process

Canadian citizenship test testing room
In June 2013, Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced two very important changes that will positively affect the Canadian citizenship test process. Canadian citizenship test - You can now retake it within few weeks If you fail your Canadian citizenship test, you can now retake it once instead o

Canadian Citizenship Test Challenge

Canadian citizenship test highschool students
The Canadian Citizenship Test Challenge gives students from grade 7 to grade 12 an opportunity to test their knowledge of Canada by studying for and writing a citizenship exam. In this challenge students compete with other students from different schools across Canada. The exam is based on the book
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