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Canadian Citizenship Test – 10 Tips to Overcome Your Anxiety

Canadian citizenship test anxiety
It is common for people to feel nervous about taking their Canadian citizenship test. After all, passing the test is necessary to becoming a Canadian citizen. It’s a big deal! Feeling butterflies in your stomach is to be expected! Nervousness can be your friend and help you focus, but if i

10 Tips to Pass the Canadian Citizenship Test Using Online Practice Questions

Canadian Citizenship Test Online Practice Questions
Passing the Canadian Citizenship Test is an aspiration for many people. There are better ways to prepare for the test than just cramming all the testable information and facts into your head. Reading the handbook repeatedly is helpful, but it is best to figure out a perfect strategy to help

12 Frequently Asked Questions About the Canadian Citizenship Exam

Canadian Citizenship Exam -12 Frequently Asked Questions
Candidates aspiring to become Canadians need to take the Canadian Citizenship exam. This exam is administered by the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Candidates who are aged between 18 and 54 and fulfill the eligibility criteria for citizenship are required to tak
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