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Canadian Citizenship status immigrants and their contributions to Canada

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The process of getting the Canadian citizenship can be long and daunting but it’s definitely worth it! The pride and freedom one feels as a result of achieving their Canadian citizenship status is absolutely incredible. Many people feel so inspired, and deeply moved that they end up doing amazing

Canadian Citizenship: Canadian government proposes more language testing

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Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is proposing that current Canadian visa holders should be proficient in either French or English- the two official languages, to obtain Canadian citizenship. He stated that too many citizens don’t speak either language and that should neve

Canadian citizenship crackdown

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In Canada, there is a physical presence condition for being granted Canadian citizenship, and for maintaining a permanent resident status. To obtain Canadian citizenship, a permanent resident must have been physically present in Canada for three years during a four years period preceding the citizen

Celebrating Canadian Citizenship

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- Canadian citizenship gives the right to vote The right to vote is an important right that we might take for granted here in Canada. Being a Canadian means you are able to choose who you think should represent you on a municipal, provincial and federal level. This is something everyone should par

New Canadian citizenship law might affect you

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The Canadian parliament changed the Canadian Citizenship Act on April 2009. These changes affect who can inherit citizenship from their parent, posing a risk that, in some case, children of Canadian citizens will be stateless. Will it affect you? Basically, these changes seem to create two distinct
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