Canadian Citizenship Practice Tests: Ultimate Way to Pass the Exam

Canadian Citizenship Practice Tests Ultimate Way to Pass the Exam
Preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Test can be overwhelming for most candidates. Permanent Canadian residents wait for many years before applying for Citizenship and understand that the process is a tough one. You need to consider many factors when it comes to Canadian Citizenship. One of the mo [...]

Canada has the world’s 5th most powerful passport!

Canadian passport with luggage
According to a new ranking by Henley & Partners, the Henley Passport Index, the Canadian passport is one of the most powerful in the world. The Henley Passport Index is based on IATA (International Air Transport Association) data and extensive in-house research. The ranking is based on how [...]

New Canadian citizenship test: the Liberal government is hiring a private contractor

Canadian citizenship test answer sheet
Passing the Canadian citizenship test is one of the requirements to become a Canadian citizen. The test is based on a study guide provided by the government and assesses citizenship applicants’ knowledge of Canadian history, geography, politics and more. The government has been working internal [...]

Canadian Citizenship Application: major changes

Canadian citizenship passport
Bill C-6, an Act to amend the Citizenship Act, became law in June 2017. The changes affecting citizenship applications are: - No longer do you have to declare your intent to live in Canada once you are granted citizenship. This will give you more flexibility if you need to live outside Canada [...]

Federal judge rules that government cannot revoke someone’s Canadian citizenship without a fair hearing

Canadian citizenship judge ruling
Federal judge, Justice Jocelyne Gagné, ruled that the federal government cannot strip someone of their Canadian citizenship without a fair hearing, conducted by an independent and impartial decision-maker. Justice Gagné said that people need the chance to explain themselves, otherwise it is a viol [...]

Canadian citizenship: Canada’s new passport rule for dual citizens

Canadian citizenship passport
All people traveling to Canada by air have always had to show proof of residency and proof of citizenship in the form of a valid passport. Canadian citizens who hold dual citizenship (Canadian citizenship and citizenship from another country) up until now have been able to enter Canada by air using [...]

Canada ranked 32nd for “quality of nationality”

Canadian flag
A new Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), conducted by Henley & Partners, global leader in residence and citizenship planning, ranks Canada in 32nd position out of a total of 161 countries. Canada positions itself near the bottom of the 37 countries “very high quality” group. Most of the top [...]

Fraud in Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship passport hand
According to a report just released by the Auditor General of Canada, Canada’s government is not doing enough to detect and prevent fraudulent Canadian citizenship applications, resulting in ineligible people being able to obtain a Canadian passport. The Auditor General’s staff reviewed a sam [...]

Canada is 6th happiest country in the world

Canada happy people thumbs up
The 2016 edition of the World Happiness Report has been released in Rome for the UN World Happiness Day, March 20th, and Canadians appear to be the 6th happiest people on the planet. This is not a big surprise, as Canada was already ranked, this past January, as the second best country to live in. [...]

Canadian citizenship is now a privilege more than it is a right

Canadian citizenship passport
Minister Chris Alexander introduced last year some drastic changes to Canadian citizenship. Among many changes, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has been given the power to take back the citizenship of Canadians guilty of severe crimes. Before the last year reforms, Canadian citizenshi [...]

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